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Reception waiting lists: Henleaze & Bishop Road

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ADTH Thu 27-Apr-17 10:46:26

I know I am lucky already with this choice dilemma, but...

We are moving to Bristol this summer, DH already lives there and hence has got a school place for DS reception at Henleaze. Great!
But DD is on lists for year 2 move, and looks like Bishop Rd.

Once one of them is in, the other is a near by sibling so should be high up on the waiting list. But does anyone have any experience with the waiting lists - is there much movement with these schools?

I obviously really want them in the same place, so we have to choose and hope. Having only been to Bristol 3 times, I am feeling out of my depth and cannot decide. (Also makes a difference of where we end up living as I want to walk to school).

Basically, what are your thoughts on Henleaze vs Bishop Rd...I have to make a decision!! As I said, I know they are both great on paper, so its a luxury to have this choice....
And hopefully I will meet some of you in the summer grin wine

2014newme Thu 27-Apr-17 18:21:53

I'm in Bristol but I don't understand what choice you are making. You've been offered 2 different schools. Go on waiting lists at both for the other child.
When you say it's a luxury to have this choice, what do you mean?
They are both fine schools

catslife Fri 28-Apr-17 09:11:16

Once one of them is in, the other is a near by sibling so should be high up on the waiting list.
I don't think your older dc counts as having a sibling link until the youngest child starts school.
You don't really have a choice as such - many families moving do end up with children in different schools for a while.
My recommendation would be accept the place at Henleaze for the youngest and also put him on the waiting list for Bishop Road as well as the other way round.
If your dd is offered a Y2 place she may have to start earlier than September. I think you have a fixed time to take up a place before it is offered to someone else.

catslife Fri 28-Apr-17 09:23:08

PS there is a recent thread on bishop road and other schools in that area on the local MN pages
link is here
A friend has 3 dcs at Bishop road and they are very pleased with the school. See the above thread for more info.

ADTH Fri 28-Apr-17 11:36:55

Thanks x

knowler Fri 28-Apr-17 11:42:32

You're supposed to apply to schools using the child's permanent address - and it doesn't sound like your child lives in Bristol at all. Frustrating for those of us who actually live here already not to get into our closest schools because of this misuse of the system. Good luck with your choice hmm

catslife Fri 28-Apr-17 15:20:43

For the in-year admissions I found the following on the Bristol City council website:
"You can make an in year application at any time during the year, but it should be less than six school weeks before you want to move. If your child is offered a school place, you should take it up as soon as possible. If you want your child to start at a different school at the beginning of the academic year in September, you can apply from June and during the school summer holidays.
If you're in the process of moving you'll need to provide documents to confirm your new address."

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