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Interview for School Direct - please help!

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LucyLastik Wed 26-Apr-17 19:58:27

I have applied to do SD on the basis of my early years qualifications/training/experience. I've only ever worked in eyfs with the exception of a term in Y1 about 15 years ago!

I've been shortlisted for an interview but I have to prepare and teach a 5 min starter activity on Poetry to s group of Year 5 children (adults pretending to be children).

Can anyone recommend a piece of poetry I could possibly use please?


PoppyStellar Wed 26-Apr-17 20:45:13

Congrats on the interview. I'd suggest something along the lines of performance poetry, something the kids can say or chant out loud, possibly with actions. If could be a starter activity for a lesson on rhythm, syllables, poem structure etc etc. You want an activity that's quick, engaging and gets the kids attention. I'll have a quick google of a couple of poems I used to do with similar age children and get back to you.

PoppyStellar Wed 26-Apr-17 20:52:44

The two I was thinking of were yellow butter, purple jelly (anon) and mix a pancake stir a pancake (Christina rosetti). Both lend themselves really well to performing. If you split the kids into groups each group can take a line and say it with accompanying action. The yellow butter one is fun to perform if you speed it up each time. For the pancake one if you had a prop like a small beanbag that could be the pancake, each group or child could perform the action they are speaking then pass the 'pancake' on.

At this point they won't be expecting you to be a fantastic teacher they'll just want to see some enthusiasm, creativity and ability to engage with the children.

Best of luck with your interview

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