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New to W12 in need of advice for open minded school, with yoga, mindfulness and the like

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user1493203370 Wed 26-Apr-17 12:13:14

Hello, I am soon to be moving to W12.
I have only just managed to secure my new home, unfortunately this means I have missed the deadline for Sept 2017 applications.
My ideal school would have knowledge of how to handle highly sensitive children (HSC) teach Mind Up or mindfulness and yoga, as well as all of obvious academic subjects.
But place just as much emphasis on creativity.
I realise it is a big ask and I have left things late.
But I am committed to doing my best with what I have.
I don't drive so would be walking to school, not ideal to use public transport.
I understand all schools cover religion which is great, I would rather not be at a religious school if possible, as we do not follow a particular faith.
My daughter was four in Jan, it is just her and me, so I am making this decision by myself and seeking constructive advice.
Thank you!

VictoriaMcdade Wed 26-Apr-17 12:24:55

I presume you are looking for an independent school?

user1493203370 Wed 26-Apr-17 12:39:02

I don't have the money for private school, was after a school that would incorporate new ideas.

smellyboot Wed 26-Apr-17 12:48:04

If yoiu have an address and missed the deadline you'll just have to look at the schools that your LA can offer you. I very much doubt you'll have a choice to be honest

Hersetta427 Wed 26-Apr-17 12:56:57

Yes - apply to your local council as a late application and see where has places which to be honest you may not have a choice over yet alone ones which teach yoga and mindfulness which in a state school would be very unusual. You may need to be realistic with what options are available to you.

user1493203370 Wed 26-Apr-17 13:07:21

I looked on the site and there are lots of schools that will accept late or in year applications though. I understand that any good school will be oversubscribed.

Whattodosue Wed 26-Apr-17 13:18:59

User, all state schools will accept late or in year applications, but the issue is exactly as you suggested, which will have places. However, I may be wrong, but I think as long as you apply to go on a waiting list, then your position on that waiting list won't be impacted by the fact that it was a late application. You need to apply to the schools as soon as you have your new address.

If you know what your new address will be, then you will simply need to look at all of the schools, check out the admission distances from the council for this year (you will need to phone them and ask them), and work out which school(s) you are in the catchment area for. Those will be the schools you can consider. You can put yourself on the waiting list for other schools, but if you are out of the catchment, you will be unlikely to get in because there will probably be people further up the waiting list. But you might.

In terms of your original question, the reason why someone asked if you were looking for an independent school is because there are going to be close to no state schools who have the approach you are looking for. Schools nowdays are utterly dictated to by the National Curriculum and Ofsted, and as a consequence, they have almost no freedom and no time within the school day to fit in more creative approaches. You will simply need to visit the schools and see which one you think might be best for your child.

user1493203370 Wed 26-Apr-17 13:39:53

Thank you for your advice, that all makes sense.
I have since done a new post, as I think putting the yoga at the top of the post has taken away from what I am actually asking which is for people's experiences of schools in the W12 area that could be within my catchment.
I will crack on with this now, thanks again.

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