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Croydon Primary School Offers

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user1492789287 Tue 25-Apr-17 22:18:55

I'm in Croydon and my DS luckily got a primary school place but it was my SIXTH choice.

It's going to make the morning run a LOT more difficult than it would have been otherwise.

Have any other Croydon mums had a problem getting their choice of schools?

I feel really upset but AIBU? Is this common?

tiggytape Wed 26-Apr-17 08:53:04

It is reasonably common in all of the London boroughs unfortunately.
I'm sorry you didn't get a school higher up your list.

But the good news is that waiting list moment is also very common.
Make sure you are on the waiting lists of all 5 schools you missed out on. In the coming weeks, other parents will e rejecting their places to move house / go private / Home Ed and that will create vacancies at lots of schools which are filled by offering the places to people on the waiting list who missed out in the original allocations.

Lists are kept in order of admissions criteria (i.e. if you live closer you will normally be nearer the top of the list) and they keep moving usually all summer. They are left open until Christmas at least. So, whilst it is disappointing at this stage, there's still a long time to go and you might yet get offered a school you said you liked more.

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