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Ashville College vs Gateways

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2boystoolittletime Sun 23-Apr-17 08:40:05

Does anyone have opinions on Gateways or Ashville?

We are moving to Wetherby and are considering independent schools for my sons. Have already visited Gateways and was impressed, particularly by the Head teacher, however I have read quite a few old comments saying 'have heard bad things about Gateways...' Is anyone able to elaborate?

Also planning to visit Ashville in the coming weeks as impressed by the majority of what I've read to date. Would have liked him to go to GSAL but Rose Court is just that bit too far to travel.

Any opinions/views would be much appreciated!!

whattheactualfudge Sun 23-Apr-17 13:09:32

I live in Harrogate and Ashville has a fantastic name!

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