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City of London Academy school sponsorship - what does this mean?

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HopelesslydevotedtoGu Thu 20-Apr-17 17:43:15

One of our local primaries is a City of London Academy school, sponsored by the City of London Corporation.

Does anyone know what this actually means?
How much finance does the school get from the CoL vs the council?
Does the sponsorship impact on the running and ethos of the school?
Will the sponsorship give any protection against budget cuts proposed by the govt? Cuts have been proposed in our area, does the sponsor ever make up any essential shortfall...? (Maybe I'm too optimistic?!)
Is the sponsorship secure, eg if the City is less rich after Brexit are they committed to still funding the school?
Are there any negatives we should be aware of?

I'm just curious about the above because I don't have any knowledge of how sponsorship works and whether it is a plus or a negative.

The primary also feeds into a city of London academy secondary school which surprised me as I'd assumed secondary applications were a new start. It seems like a bit of a club! Useful if you are on the inside but unfair to those outside?

Thanks for any info.

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