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Sats practise

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user1484655514 Fri 14-Apr-17 09:53:58

My dd is sitting her year 6 sats in a few weeks and always seems to slightly fall back after a school holiday ( especially summer). She is a great reader and loves her books but I am getting her to do practise sats papers at home during easter holidays. The school haven't set it and I am putting no pressure on her but am I right to keep up the practise ( probably 3 hours a week). Also I'm not worried about the scores ( I think sats are for the school not the kids) but I don't want her stressing she isnt ready.

TeenAndTween Fri 14-Apr-17 11:27:47

I think each to their own.

Last year I did some work with DD over the Easter holidays - they had to complete their CGP workbooks, but I wouldn't have done timed papers, as they had done enough of that at school. My line was 'they aren't important in the long run, not like DD1's GCSEs, but it is good to try your best and show them what you can do'.

This year (y7) I am also working with DD over the Easter holidays. But this is because she struggles with core skills so we are keeping them ticking over / slowly improving.

RedSkyAtNight Fri 14-Apr-17 16:15:50

DD is doing nothing specific (she reads because she wants to) other than a small amount of homework that school set.

It's only a short holiday and I doubt it will make a huge amount of difference.

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