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School assessment levels

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Loueytb3 Thu 13-Apr-17 10:15:56

DS1 has SN (ASD, ADHD) and is in yr 5. He had an annual review last month which included a progress report from his school. This includes assessment levels for reading, writing and maths which apparently relate to assessments carried out at the start of yr5. He has been given 4.8 in reading, 5.2 in writing and 5.2 in maths. His previous assessments at the end of yr 4 were 4.8, 3.5 and 4.8 respectively.

I am not sure if these are national levels or something that my DS's school uses. Can anyone shed any light? I would ask the school but they are off until next week and I am trying to draft a report for his EHCP which is supposed to be in today (I'm trying to buy more time).

spanieleyes Thu 13-Apr-17 11:10:43

These will be something the school uses, there are no national levels for year 5. Presumably the 3/4/5 show the year your DS is working in ( so a 3 would mean working at year 3 level, the 4 at year 4 level ans so on. The decimal part would then show how secure he was within the year group ( so 4.8 would mean he was pretty secure with the year 4 objectives and nearly ready to work on year 5, 5.2 would mean he had just begun to work on the year 5 objectives but had some way to go before starting on the year 6. Presumably half way through the year a 5.6 would be considered about average ( Of course, this is all conjecture, schools can and do have their own systems!)

Loueytb3 Thu 13-Apr-17 11:54:50

Thanks - that does make sense, his report for the end of yr 4 said that his writing was WB3 (working below, yr 3) which fits with a grade of 3.5. He got AT for all other subjects (ie working at age related expectations).

I think they've written in the wrong grade for his writing for this year as he seems to have gone from a 3.5 to a 5.2 in a term (which he definitely hasn't - you can barely read his writing!) I'm going to query it with school next week.

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