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user1492029693 Wed 12-Apr-17 22:24:30

I am so confused about accepting reception places and waiting lists with regard to moving house.
We were due to move house into school catchment before January's deadline, unfortunately it fell through... We were advised not to attempt to move as if we were not in before the deadline and we applied from current address and then moved then we could be put into any school the borough deemed okay.
We were 50 m out of catchment last year and I am not feeling hopeful. We intend to accept whatever we get, appeal (probably with no success) and then be put on waiting lists.
However we want to move house and I worry that if we move further or closer to schools we are on the waiting list for will this change or negate our waiting list priority? so confused, can anyone shed any light. Needless to say the council have been unhelpful in regard to this matter. If we have to stay put another year to get into school from a waiting list then we will but our two boys our rapidly out growing our two bed flat!
Thanks for any help

smellyboot Wed 12-Apr-17 23:28:47

Priority on wait lists is the same as general admissions. If you move closer to a school, you'll move up the wait list if distance is the criteria.
You can go on as many waiting lists as you like. If you move way out of catchment for a school you will go down the list etc

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