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In-year admission / transfer help!

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user1490191001 Wed 12-Apr-17 11:56:51

Hi everyone,

We are looking to move to London in August during the summer break. Unfortunately that's the only time we'll be able to relocate. We are currently considering Blackheath or Forest Hill and our daughter will start Year 1 in September.

What are the chances that she'll get a space in a school in either of those areas that's been rated outstanding or good?

Should we be prepared to have to travel a distance to a school with an open space?

Any thoughts on which of these two areas we would be most likely to find her a space at a decent school?

Any other advice?

We could consider putting her in an independent / private school for a term or a year if that would somehow make a difference?

We would also consider other areas as long as it's a quick commute to Canary Wharf or the city and has decent schools.

Apologies for a rambling message – any advice would be most appreciated.

Thank you!

bojorojo Wed 12-Apr-17 12:33:53

The local authority for those areas should maintain a list of schools with spaces. You will need to narrow down your choice of area(s) and then contact the councils who run school admissions, although some schools will do their own; some faith schools. Your would then need to make a list of what schools could accommodate your DC and what the travel time looks like.The councils may well have schools with spaces on their web sites and details of how to transfer. Only you can decide how far you are prepared to travel and what time you wish make available to this. You appear to be searching a very wide area so try and narrow it down in the first instance, but do a wider search if nothing appeals.

You would need to speak to independent schools individually and see what spaces they have. Going to an independent school does not improve your chance of getting into a state school. I would not think a term is possible anyway because you will pay up front for term one and then have to pay a second term because you have not given notice at the appropriate time, although I guess some schools may allow notice when they accept your child but they will not be happy about that. Even staying a year, then moving again, would be highly disruptive and not good for your child. I think you should aim to stay for a reasonable length of time if you go to a private school so that friendships are formed.

user1490191001 Wed 12-Apr-17 14:43:48

Thanks bojorojo, appreciate your feedback!

You're right we really need to narrow down our area. For us it really boils down to the school and we're concerned that we won't be able to find a space at a good school so that's why we're struggling to make a decision.

Our daughter is currently at a very nurturing independent school with very small classes and we do already have a space at a similar school in London (that we're yet to accept). We soon need childcare for our second child and with rents so high in London we worry about the financial commitment of an independent school.

We have been in contact with LA and unfortunately they are not able to tell us which schools would be able to offer spaces come September.

It's such a tough decision to make!

underneaththeash Wed 12-Apr-17 21:49:51

There's a lot of movement in London schools, I'd be amazed if any had spaces when you move, so I concentrate on moving as close as you possibly can to a two (or move) form entry school and then just put your daughter' name on the waiting list for that school.

That's probably as much as you can do.

SaltyMyDear Wed 12-Apr-17 21:54:24

Dont judge schools based on their ofstrd rating. It really doesn't tell a parent anything about the school.

user1490191001 Thu 13-Apr-17 07:40:16

I think this is what we'll end up doing smile

user1490191001 Thu 13-Apr-17 07:41:58

It's a really fair point about the ratings. We'll probably just use them as a starting point.

Appreciate all the advice, keep it coming!

Believeitornot Thu 13-Apr-17 07:46:10

You won't be able to get certainty about schools for September. It's just not possible. Places are offered depending on strict criteria and if you're in the position of qualifying based on distance only, then someone could move closer and get the place before you.

We moved in year and had to put ds in a school on the other side of town. A place then came up at the school we originally wanted and we moved him again. He was fine and settled quickly after a bit of a blip for a month or so.

user1490191001 Thu 13-Apr-17 08:37:37

Good to hear that he settled in quickly. Luckily our dd is really outgoing and finds it easy to make friends. She's moved schools before without a problem but she loves her current school and doesn't want to move so we fear it might not be as easy this time around. Fingers crossed!

elfonshelf Thu 13-Apr-17 15:52:00

Rotherhithe/Canada Water has some excellent state primaries and great transport links to Canary Wharf and the City both by tube and bus (and even boat).

There's a pretty big expat community in the area and loads of parks plus the river and City Farm etc.

If you are religious there is an even bigger mix of good schools but you will need attendance certificates from your local priest and they are highly sought after and don't have spaces for heathens on the whole!

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