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Surrey - Longacre or St Cats?

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PeppaPig100 Mon 10-Apr-17 22:03:08

Hi everyone, the time has come to look at schools for my oldest daughter who is almost 4, argh! I have looked at both St Cats and Longacre and liked them both but can't decide which is best for my daughter. They are so different. I have met lots of lovely St Cats mummies but I'm yet to meet Longacre parents. So I wondered whether there are any on mumsnet that have chosen longacre for their child and what their thoughts are about the school. Open to any opinions! And yes we are also looking at state options :-)

Lowdoorinthewal1 Tue 11-Apr-17 09:25:28

When you say almost 4 do you mean 4 before the end of August so your DD will be going into Reception in September? Have the state applications not already been done? I thought they went in in January?

4+ were in the Winter so that rules out the selectives. Have you checked which non-selectives have places left for September?

PeppaPig100 Tue 11-Apr-17 11:45:51

Sorry I mean 3! I've been up all night with DD2

ilovedaffodils Tue 04-Jul-17 20:19:03

I'm a Longacre parent - did you still need opinions?

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