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7 plus prep

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Workingmom4 Sun 09-Apr-17 23:12:18

Hello Everyone! My dc is giving 7plus exam this year. We have started our prep but i feel we are all over the place and have no structure/ path/ sylabus. Would really like to know from mums whos kids have just got through City of london girls school, highgate, NLCS How they helped their kids get thru. Is tution really needed. Please help!

Workingmom4 Sun 16-Apr-17 21:37:33


LizzieSiai Wed 10-May-17 18:55:30

I'm not sure about the schools you've mentioned above but because they're highly selective, I'm sure the required prep would be similar to other selective schools in London.

I'm currently prepping my ds for his 7+ exam as his current school doesn't prep. We're using bond books - started from age 5-6 and are now on age 6-7. If we remain on track, we should be starting 7-8 by July/August. I was advised (by a tutor who assessed him in December and gave recommendations on what we needed to work etc.) to spend a lot of time reading with my ds, doing some mental arithmetic such as 3x9 etc., begin story writing in July, mathematical problem solving and verbal and non verbal reasoning. She also said we should keep a small diary of interesting words that he learns...these could then be used to help him 'jazz up' a few sentences when he begins story writing.

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