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London (pre) - prep advice

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magnolia99 Sun 09-Apr-17 06:56:22

Backstory - We have 1 son, and twin girls on the way. Ideally would like to have all three at the same school as we prefer co-ed interaction in the younger years. Have son registered for Knightsbridge & Garden House, as well as Wetherby Pre. For the girls, when they arrive, same co-ed schools will be top on the list but we'll also register at Pembridge and Falkner incase we send our son single sex in the end.

My opinions now are: I like the international side to Knightsbridge (I'm from overseas, husband is English, so works for us) but it seems a little new and not quite established enough. Love everything about GH, just fear that it is a little soft (especially for boys) and academics aren't all too rigourous. Wetherby pre & Pembridge are great, top single sex schools, but are they really as fab is it is lauded - I really don't want a celeby school. Falkner is if the girls or one are super brainy and need pushing - I was very bored in school at this age and wouldn't want a repeat (our son is more adventurous and sporty than a brainbox so less of an issue with him)

Does anyone have advice or opinions about these schools? I'm aware of exit results and all the stats but would like some personal stories so we can make the best choice. All advice, suggestions, other schools, etc are welcome!

CruCru Fri 14-Apr-17 10:47:37


I don't have any first hand knowledge of the schools you've mentioned (they're quite far west from us) but for suggestions of other schools, this site may be useful.

magnolia99 Sun 16-Apr-17 04:00:00

CruCru - thanks for the response & the link! Just out of curiosity, what pre/prep schools would you reccomend in your area?

CruCru Mon 17-Apr-17 12:18:10

I live in Islington and my son goes to SPCS. We are very happy with it but perhaps it will be too far away from you if you live right over in west London.

MMmomDD Sat 22-Apr-17 00:37:47

Hello there
Didn't want to ofend anyone - school discussions can become heated.
I live in the area and my kids are in a primary school. I have girls. And have friends who have boys, or both.
And i am also not british, so gender separate education was totally foreign to me. I didn't like the idea, made no sense.

However - i have changed my mind since my kids were tiny. And this is why:
- Kids in the U.K. start education early (too early; but it's a different issue) - and at 4 - girls and boys are different in focus and the way they learn. Girls are ready to sit and absorb - boys want to run around and play. In a mixed class - girls are at a disadvantage - as teachers attention is taken away to keep boys behaving. Single sex schools - adapt teaching styles to gender/age. For example - boys have shorter lessons with breaks to work out energy, etc.
- Mixed schools in our area just don't get the same results as single sex ones -
- Foe boys, specifically - mixed schools often don't prep them for 7/8+ - and at 11+ there isn't so much school choice....

Back to the specific schools you mentioned - GH she Knightsbridge - are OK schools - but not academic. More able kids leave for more rigorous schools - boys get tutored for 7/8+, girls try for Bute at 6, or look for occasional places at Faulkner, Glendower, Kensington Prep.

Werherby pre-prep is an excellent school. Nothing more needs to be said.

Faulkner House also opened a boys pre-prep recently. However - Ms Griggs is highly unlikely to admit twins - the school only has one class. Schools here tend to want to split twins.

If i were you - i'd add a couple more schools to your list just to have more choices when kids are a bit older and you are more familiar with the system. And when it's clearer whether your kids need sporty,
or artistic, or academic type school.

There is also more co-ed - Thomas's, Chepstow House (also Alpha Group, like Werherby).
Single sex - Eaton House, Bute house (when twins are born - register them for the lottery - it is probably the best school in the area. It used to be Junior school to St.Pauls girls), Glendower, maybe Queens gate

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