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calypsoblue Mon 03-Apr-17 18:35:57

There is a child on the autistic spectrum in my sons class, he is disruptive and obsessed with my son ,this has been going on for over a year ,this child constantly shouts in my sons ear,sings the same song over and over about an inch from his face , gets up in class and stands over my son ,constantly makes up lies and tells on him for no reason ,follows my son everywhere and will not leave him alone, My son has had enough ? This child's mother is having difficulty accepting that her son has a problem and is blaming my ds .The head teacher has admitted that the child is obsessed with my son and the child has also admitted to constantly making up lies about my son. My son does not know which way to turn .He is 8 and not equipped to deal with this child's special needs,he just wants to play with his friends and have a normal school life!

bojorojo Tue 04-Apr-17 10:14:25

I would be stressed about this too. I think the school needs to be proactive to ensure your DS can enjoy school and the needs of the other child should not impinge so much on your DS. I would try and have a meeting with the Head to discuss how your child can be protected. It seems to me that the SEND child has insufficient TA time allocated to him. It will be a difficult conversation but your child deserves to be left alone and not continually disturbed. I would look to move schools if there is no improvement but I realise this is easier said than done. Children should not have to accept this level of disruption and the other Mum will find this difficult but you have to persevere.

irvineoneohone Tue 04-Apr-17 14:13:21

I think it is very difficult situation, but you need to be assertive that your ds is suffering and tell the teacher/school.

I am friend with a parent who has a child with autism. I always encouraged my ds to help her. We had playdates, etc.
But one day she told me she went in to school to ask teacher to have her dd and my ds to have one to one time during class and paired up for everything, because she says my ds is the only one who understands her. It once get to the stage where other children(girls) started to tease them as boy friend/ girl friend because she followed my ds around.
I was not happy, that she went in without asking me(or my ds ) first. I was expecting teacher to contact me, and thinking about what to say if it happened.
It didn't happen. I think the school/teacher was sensible enough to see the problem.

I still encourage my ds to be nice to her, help her, include her when she seems lost etc. But I don't force him to be just friend with her, he should have his own choice of friends.

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