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ACS Hillingdon vs ACS Cobham

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CactusFish07 Sun 02-Apr-17 23:23:09

We are moving to London for a 5yr assignment with my husband's company. We have twin boys who are 9.5yo right now (Oct born - full term). Will start school Fall 2017. Currently in year 4 in the US. We have applied to a few British, international and US schools. We really like ACS Hillingdon but are struggling with the admissions team. Wondering if anyone has insight into the differences in the admissions processes and acceptance; Hillingdon vs. Cobham. Is ACSH more competitive than Cobham? How invasive were the questions at parent interview? What were your experiences? Which did you prefer and why? TIA.

Background: Boys are at the top of their respective classes for all subjects except reading comprehension. They attended Montessori till last year. During admissions, they were assessed at new school as slightly behind, for which they have learning support. This isn't for lack of trying; found their old school deficient in this area. One boy is very typical boy; lots of energy, doesn't like authority, free spirited, needs structure and unfortunately doesn't really like to perform in subjects he doesn't like. Neither have learning disability, IEP or need any other assistance.

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