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Maidenhead primary schools - help pls

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user1491003037 Sat 01-Apr-17 01:02:19


Reaching out to Maidenhead parents please about advice on how I should approach the dreaded primary school placements as I'm a newbie in all this!
I live on Grenfell Road (renting and for the foreseeable future as well) near the town centre and will be looking to apply for my son who is only currently 18 months during Autumn 2019 (I can only apply when he's 4 which will be in November). And yes before you judge I am an anxious mother!!
My dilemma is which schools to consider as many in Maidenhead are rated 'Good' by Ofsted but actual results vary a lot. Unfortunately I don't know any parents who send their kids to nearby schools and so I need advice on whether I should consider moving elsewhere in Maidenhead. I'm not sure which school I would be likely to get into nearest ones being Boyne Hill, Larchfield Primary, All Saints according to RightMove school checker. What's the likelihood of getting into Boyne Hill? I know this school is outstanding but their academic results aren't great...
I know I have zero chance getting into Lowbrook Academy but how about Oldfield if I was placed on the waiting list, any success stories?
Also if I applied for my son to enter Year 1 and not the Reception year classes would I have a better chance of getting into a preferred school even if I'm out of catchment i.e. Lowbrook and Oldfield?
Unfortunately there are no places near the above schools to rent which I would consider and I'm definitely in no financial position to buy a home in these v.expensive areas.

Appreciate your support as I am very confused and would like to plan ahead. Hope you can understand!

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