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Amersham schools opinions please!

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user1490805435 Wed 29-Mar-17 17:45:38

Hi, I am new here. Looking for opinions on primary schools in Amersham - we are thinking about moving to be closer to my husband's job. Heard that all schools 'are good'. My son is 3 and will have to apply this autumn so need to know where to look for a house if particular schools are much better than others. Thanks in advance.

bojorojo Wed 29-Mar-17 19:42:31

Chestnut Lane Infant and Elangeni Junior are THE schools but Chestnut Lane has a relatively tiny catchment so you must look at their admission rules carefully. If a house becomes available you will be lucky. St Mary's C of E in the Old Town is a lovely school but again check admission criteria. They used to take children from Coleshill Infant and Little Missenden at Y3 so you have a different criteria with linked schools. You should also look at St George's Infant. This is paired with Woodside Junior.

Alternatives are Great Missenden Primary and Little Kingshill. I know these are not Amersham but house buying might be easier! Little Chalfont is also sought after but again finding a house for sale might be challenging. Ditto Chesham Bois. Basically : High house prices = good schools! Wendover also has good schools. Some of these schools will not offer places to out of catchment children so do check past admissions.

user1490805435 Wed 29-Mar-17 20:43:12

Thank you so much - very useful. I have seen that Chestnut lane you have to live max. 0.4 miles to get in... so with others. Are there any schools we would like to avoid - or just any with free places mean they are not as good?

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