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KS2 SATs writing assessment

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FrayedHem Mon 27-Mar-17 19:31:16

This is purely out of curiosity as I am not worried at all about the SATs.

DS1 has ASD, statemented since primary. Yr6 has been awful for many reasons. The class teacher has said DS1 won't pass the SATs writing as he hasn't produced enough work to be able to assess. Does anyone know how many pieces of work are needed - and presumably fall under certain categories?

School are very sensitive and react badly if questioned which is why I am asking here.

Feenie Mon 27-Mar-17 20:47:45

There's no set number, although some LEAs arbitrarily asked for six last year. There needs to be a range of writing, ideally across the curriculum, although there may be enough evidence for moderators in their English work.

spanieleyes Mon 27-Mar-17 21:33:06

There has to be enough evidence of all the KS2 objectives written independently across a range of genre. So if your DS isn't producing much work in each piece he won't be giving himself the opportunity to shoe-horn in everything that is needed.
For the expected standard, the pupil can write for a range of purposes and audiences (including writing a short story):
creating atmosphere, and integrating dialogue to convey character and advance the action
selecting vocabulary and grammatical structures that reflect the level of formality required mostly correctly
using a range of cohesive devices, including adverbials, within and across sentences and paragraphs
using passive and modal verbs mostly appropriately
using a wide range of clause structures, sometimes varying their position within the sentence
using adverbs, preposition phrases and expanded noun phrases effectively to add detail, qualification and precision
using mostly correctlyinverted commas,commas for clarity
punctuation for parenthesis,
making some correct use ofsemi-colons
spelling most words correctly (years 5 and 6)
maintaining legibility, fluency and speed in handwriting through choosing whether or not to join specific letters

and the majority of these are expected to be seen in EVERY piece of relevant writing. So if he is only writing say 2-3 paragraphs, it is impossible to fit everything in!

FlouncingInAWinterWonderland Mon 27-Mar-17 21:36:23

Being a pedant here but have you not been transitioned onto an EHCP with forward planning for secondary school?

FrayedHem Mon 27-Mar-17 21:44:27

Thank you.

Certain formats of work (diary entry, writing a biography) have been problematic along with some topic work which he just didn't engage in at all. When he does produce work it is apparently above average (though handwriting is not so great) so it's probably the lack of genres and and physical pieces of work that mean he won't pass. I guess I'll find out at the end of the year what he has been doing!

FrayedHem Mon 27-Mar-17 21:45:18

His EHCP doesn't go live until September so he is currently statemented wink

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