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Do you keep your LO off nursery on their birthday?

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Annazak Sun 26-Mar-17 17:12:26

Just having a debate with my cousin about keeping my daughter off nursery for her 3rd birthday ... I have a 5 year old who will be at school so it seems a bit unfair on him and have already paid for the day at nursery which ends at 2.45..... what do you think? AIBU to send her in on her birthday?

GavelRavel Sun 26-Mar-17 17:14:10

Yanbu, i would unless we had a day out planned, I've done both i think

MrsDustyBusty Sun 26-Mar-17 17:15:53

I keep my child off on her birthday. I just feel that it's a small window I'm her life.

WindyBottoms Sun 26-Mar-17 17:18:50

I always send mine.

The staff usually help make the day special for them too, with everyone singing happy birthday etc.

Mine would have been annoyed if I hadn't sent them.

SheepyFun Sun 26-Mar-17 17:19:03

I sent DD in on her 4th birthday, with a cake we'd made together (this was pre-agreed with nursery). She loves nursery (goes 3 mornings a week), and particularly loved wearing the birthday hat.

We celebrated as a family and had a party during the nearest weekend. Presumably you'll be celebrating with your older child at a different time?

I wasn't working on the relevant day, so she could have been off if we'd chosen.

Helenluvsrob Sun 26-Mar-17 17:22:10

What? Why would you make them miss out on the birthday stuff at nursery - we used to send cake in and they all sang happy birthday etc. I know you probably aren't allowed to do that but I bet they still have so
R special fun.

HundredsAndThousandsOfThem Sun 26-Mar-17 17:32:01

I've never known anyone miss a day for their birthday. They bring in cakes for everyone to share and get made a fuss of then go home and get more fuss made of them.

littleducks Sun 26-Mar-17 17:36:18

I think mine would cry if I kept him home. Birthday children get to sit on a special chair to blow out candles. Everyone sings and makes a fuss of them.They send home slices of cake or party bags or books with their friends.

He sits through all the other children's turns desperate for his go!

Lemonnaise Sun 26-Mar-17 17:37:54

I sent mine. They always had a small celebration for them in nursery...the kids loved it.

Annazak Sun 26-Mar-17 17:45:18

Thanks all - thats pretty much what I was thinking - nursery is fun on your birthday right? And she finishes at 2.45 so lots of time after for parties.... Thanks!!

Trb17 Sun 26-Mar-17 19:15:03

My DD is summer born and has remained thoroughly cheesed off her whole life because her birthday is never in school or nursery ha ha grin so I would send her in as it's great to be the birthday girl for the day and you'll still have all afternoon and evening.

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