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SEN and SATs

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nat73 Sun 26-Mar-17 14:13:42

Our school has a high ratio of SEN children and this is given as a reason why we perform poorly in the KS2 SATs ( small cohorts, high proportion of SEN).

Surely depending on your SEN (but a couple of them are quite severe) some are excluded from the SATs?? In which case do they impact the SATs score?

According to its ultimately the HT's decision on whether or not children sit the SATs. If they do no does this count as a 0% or they are just left out of the 'calculation'?

Many thanks for any clarity you can give on this.

mrz Sun 26-Mar-17 14:25:28

Pupils working below the level of the tests can be withdrawn from the tests but they are still included in the school data.

SkeletonSkins Sun 26-Mar-17 16:02:24

Yes it counts as a 0%

nat73 Mon 27-Mar-17 13:39:38

Is there any ahem way around this?

Giving children a zero when its been agreed they can sit it. What's the 'value' of that?

nat73 Mon 27-Mar-17 13:39:55

Sorry agreed they cant sit it...

soapboxqueen Mon 27-Mar-17 14:25:58

It's to stop schools disapplying children to improve their scores.

Teachers are trixy super villains don't cha know #Sarcasm

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