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KS2 SATs scaled scoring

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Trb17 Fri 24-Mar-17 16:39:30


Would anyone have a link to or know what the scaled scores are for this years KS2 SATs tests?

I can find 2016 on line here:

But I can't find 2017's ... or are they the same?


Trb17 Fri 24-Mar-17 16:40:27

Sorry not sure why that link hasn't worked confused

bellabelly Fri 24-Mar-17 16:44:44

SaTs aren't until May are they? So probably won't have that info available yet.

spanieleyes Fri 24-Mar-17 17:03:28

The scaled scores are not set until after the SATS tests have been completed.

A pupil’s scaled score is based on their raw score. The raw score is the total number of marks a pupil scores in a test, based on the number of questions they answered correctly.

We develop tests each year to the same specification, but because the questions must be different, the difficulty of tests may vary slightly each year. This means we need to convert the raw scores pupils get in the tests into a scaled score, to ensure we can make accurate comparisons of pupil performance over time. Every scaled score will represent the same level of attainment for a pupil each year, so a pupil who scores 103, for example, in 2016 will have demonstrated the same attainment as a pupil who scores 103 in 2017.

A scaled score of 100 will always represent the expected standard on the test. Pupils scoring 100 or more will have met the expected standard on the test.

So basically, until the children have set the tests and discovered how hard they are, scaled scores can't be set!

Feenie Fri 24-Mar-17 18:02:54

Roughly translated, it means they don't know because they haven't made them up yet. Which would be quite funny if it wasn't so accurate.

mrz Fri 24-Mar-17 18:26:26


Trb17 Fri 24-Mar-17 19:14:44

Thanks for all the answers so far much appreciated.

I understand the raw vs scaled score so that's ok. The main thing I'd like to know is what is the raw mark out of for each one?

E.g. In 2016 it was:

English Reading - 50
Mathematics - 110
English (Gram, Punc, Spell) - 70

Would love to know if it will be same raw "out of" marks this year too?

golfbuggy Fri 24-Mar-17 19:19:54

As spanieleyes says, no one knows what the raw marks will scale to until the tests have been sat!

Feenie Fri 24-Mar-17 19:27:19

They wait until the tests are done, collate the scores, then decide on the pass mark according to how they would like this year's data to be manipulated.


This is Nicky Morgan's promise to headteachers at the NAHT conference last year - before children had sat the test:

Historically, the floor standard has identified only a small proportion of schools every year which are below that standard - and this year I can reassure you that no more than 1% more schools will be below the floor standard than last year.

Two ways she could promise that - a crystal ball alongside the power to predict the future or manipulation of the data, whatever it showed.

They don't even bother to pretend that it doesn't happen, now.

Trb17 Fri 24-Mar-17 19:38:32

Yes I know we can't know yet what the raw scores will scale to.

I'd just like to know what the max raw score will be for each of the papers?

E.g. Will maths this year still have a maximum raw score of 110? Irrespective of how that will scale up?

If they've not decided yet then fair enough.

Trb17 Fri 24-Mar-17 19:43:20

In other words will this list apply for 2017 also?

PatriciaHolm Fri 24-Mar-17 19:45:50

Yes, that mark scheme applies this year too.

Trb17 Fri 24-Mar-17 19:47:48

Thanks so much @PatriciaHolm grin

spanieleyes Fri 24-Mar-17 19:55:22

Well, we think it does but hey, who knows what will happen between now and May!

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