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How is whitings hill school

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justs Tue 21-Mar-17 17:06:48

We have recently moved to Barnet and we are looking to get our 2.6 year old to the whitings hill. The school has been rated as outstanding way back in 2010-11. But not sure how is it now for the little ones. Any views by parents who send their little ones to this schools would be really appreciated. Thanks

nizzy123 Sun 26-Mar-17 17:17:26

Hi justs,
I have two DDs at Whitings Hill. I found the school was good with little ones. There is a separate section for those in nursery with it's own side entrance with reception next to it. DD2 started in reception and I found the staff in reception very nurturing and lovely. DD2 felt happy and secure. There are two reception classes but they are together in an open plan setting with both classes at two ends of the class.

I've been fairly happy with the school and have found that the school try to nurture the best academically, extra-curricular wise and aspirationally. For example, there are various schemes in place to improve times-tables learning across the school and in the last year, spellings. In terms of after-schools clubs, the school offers a lovely variety of different clubs run by teachers, subsidised outside clubs etc. They have now started swimming lessons too, separate to outside clubs that hire the swimming pool too. They also invite children to join the swimming club twice a week, and have won medals in local competitions in swimming, football and other sports. I've noticed the weekly newsletter also mention of joining interschool competitions in chess ( a new thing), cross country running and netball, amongst other things this year.

My DDs really enjoy school. From a parent's point of view, I was reflecting the other day of what a diverse community that the children come from. There is a really nice mix of parents of different backgrounds and I think this can be a real strength. I've also found that in the last five years, the parents are also becoming more aspirational for their children, which is reflected in the occasional Y6 leaver now heading to top grammar schools.

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