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Why would CT do this?

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Bookeatingboy Fri 17-Mar-17 09:44:55

DS YR4, his class have been testing this week ahead of parents evening. Ds has been coming home quite distressed., worrying about the maths ones in particular.

He loves English and is doing really well, will be well ahead at the end of the year. However Maths is a different story altogether, he's in the top half of his class (they split them by ability in maths too) but is struggling to keep up with the rest of his peers in his group.

Yesterday CT went through the test with the class and was telling the whole class who struggled with what. Apparently ds's name was called three times. He came home quite upset that she had done this.

I have two issues really, firstly why does the CT feel the need to highlight those that are struggling, what purpose does this serve? some children are just naturally very bright, it doesn't mean those that don't get 80% are not working as hard as those who get a higher %...

Secondly, it seems to be the actually testing in maths that he's struggling with, he never needs much help with homework but seems have a blank when being tested, seems to forget what he's learnt. I personally think he's just panicking when faced with the test. Any suggestions to how to help him, would testing at home be a good idea? With a view to the results leading to a discussion and help.

Just to say why I'm suggesting testing at home... they get tested on times tables and ds is the only one in his class who has got 80/80 every week... the reason why... he practices at home.

irvineoneohone Fri 17-Mar-17 12:15:25

Is this state or private? I can't imagine state school would do this, but I maybe wrong.

Is he does ok generally but only struggle with pressure of test, I think it maybe good practice for the future. He just need to get used to it, and more experience may lead to better results/less pressure next time. I wouldn't worry about results so much, and praise/reward his effort for now.

I am not sure testing at home would help or not, but doing some revision at home would definitely help, for more understanding and boost his confidence.

Bookeatingboy Fri 17-Mar-17 12:35:08

State school, they do informal testing in the classroom periodically throughout the year.

irvineoneohone Fri 17-Mar-17 12:44:31

My ds' state school also starts doing half termly/termly testing from start of KS2, but I don't think my ds is aware how he did. I think teacher don't seem to tell pupil or parents. Once teacher mentioned he did well on one of the test at parents eve, and ds didn't know anything about it.

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