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Big maths beat that! Challenges

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Emzipoo4u Wed 15-Mar-17 05:35:23

What should they be learning in clic 7 and 8, does anyone have any challenge worksheets they could send ?

Also, any recommended resources for instant recall of 5 times table. We are able to count in 2,5,10,3,4,8's but have not done any instant recall yet ?

mrz Sat 18-Mar-17 06:09:49


mrz Sat 18-Mar-17 06:16:50


Whitemousse Sat 18-Mar-17 16:18:33

Try the Hit the button for practicing quick recall. My son actually enjoyed that. He also enjoyed filling in a blank 12 by 12 grid. Over time he became faster.
I also used a mixed up one to challenge him.

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