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Can someone talk to me about Mathletics certificates please?

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RatOnnaStick Tue 14-Mar-17 23:22:11

How the hell do I print the damn thing? Ds wants it as some classmates have had theirs presented in celebration assembly. I can't find a print cert button anywhere on the app.

Flapdoodles Tue 14-Mar-17 23:32:16

If you click on the cafe icon, that opens and the certificate is on the wall. Click on the certificate and it will open then prompt you to print.

RatOnnaStick Wed 15-Mar-17 09:09:44

Hooray! Thank you Flapdoodles, my sanity is restored grin.

Flapdoodles Thu 16-Mar-17 22:59:30

You are very welcome - it took me ages to work it out the first time grin

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