Kingswood school in Shirley

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superowl99 Mon 13-Mar-17 15:19:50

Hi everyone! Has anyone got an opinion on Kingswood school based in Shirley, Solihull? Thanks in advance.

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infotruth Wed 26-Apr-17 12:56:32

I don't recommend Kingswood school. The school does not have adequate facilities and some of the best teachers have left. Income seems not to be reinvested in the school.

Willow139 Fri 28-Apr-17 11:51:26

Kingswood is a lovely school. Both of my children have attended Kingswood since nursery age and I am thrilled with the school. It is a small, friendly school, which is just like one big family! The teachers are all really approachable and really care about the children. My children love school and are both exceeding academically. I can not fault Kingswood. A brilliant school!

infotruth Fri 28-Apr-17 14:03:29

'I can not fault Kingswood' ...

just that statement is suspicious. Every school no matter how perfect it may seem has some faults. To say you cannot fault the school makes the entire post a sales pitch. Another suspicious thing as well is that this positive feedback came 2 days after a negative feedback, its like immediate reputation management.

My advice to people is that if you are interested in the school, go for a visit. Notice the facilities, how the playground is used as a car park, how the ground markings (like hopscotch) have deteriorated and not repainted.

Here is a given. Every school you visit will give you a sales pitch on its ethos, and what positive things school can provide. Let's just say I heard (from a few sources) with this school, promises are not kept.

Willow139 Fri 28-Apr-17 17:33:26

Why would I be posting a sales pitch as a happy parent of two happy children? I read your comments about this school and found them to be very unfair so I commented about my experiences. I speak as I find that's all. My children are very happy and lots of other parents I speak to are happy to. The teachers are lovely and have always looked after my children. You have twisted my words some what. I wrote I find no fault because I have never had a bad experience at this school. I am not writing a sales pitch I have a right to my opinion and a right to defend your comments as a parent of children at this school.

Blinkyblink Fri 28-Apr-17 17:37:19

And you seem somewhat "suspicious"

Your children don't appear to attend but yet you are certainly putting across a very negative optimism or the school and scathing of a positive review from a parent with children actually attending the school.

I know which poster I'd listen to.

Willow139 Fri 28-Apr-17 17:40:28

Thank you Blinky Bink


AngelicaSchuylerChurch Fri 28-Apr-17 20:16:43

Posters don't typically resurrect six-week-old threads unless they have an agenda, one way or another.

infotruth Fri 28-Apr-17 22:13:18

'Posters don't typically resurrect six-week-old threads unless they have an agenda, one way or another.'...

In other words, a question thread asking for feedback should remain void of feedback. After a time limit, a feedback given is considered agenda driven.

infotruth Fri 28-Apr-17 22:23:07

Notice the posters in defense have not responded to the points made about my 'negative' feedback, which is about the facilities etc.

Response to 'I know which poster I'd listen to.'

Let put it this way. Everyone here is behind a username. No one can verify who we are, whether Willow really is a parent of that school, or whether I know anything at all about the school (and possibly have an agenda as suggested by one poster).

I say to those who are considering this school. I don't want you to believe me. Arrange and visit the school. Have a look for yourself. Notice the facilities, notice the cars parked in the playground etc.

Next when you are in the school building, compare the number of classrooms available vs the number of year groups. You'll find year groups > classrooms available. Don't listen to me, see for yourself.

Next count the number of pupils in the year groups. Does the number of kids for each year group stay the same, or reduces as it progresses. What does it tell you? Don't listen to me, see for yourself. Ask the staff taking you around questions to find this out.

Blinkyblink Sat 29-Apr-17 06:32:50

Info I didn't respond to your negative points because I've never even heard of this school before this thread!

Fact Ramona, you seem awfully invested in conveying a negative image of a school that, as far as I can tell, you're children do not, nor have ever, attended. And forgive me for thinking that's a bit "off"!

Blinkyblink Sat 29-Apr-17 06:33:10

Excuse typos

Willow139 Sat 29-Apr-17 08:39:50

I think you are obviously unhappy with this school . I find it strange also how you make opinions when your children have never attended. I find it strange how your opinion of a school is based on facilities and the 'painting of the hopscotch ' my opinion of this school is based on the teaching my children have received and the care they have been shown. My son was in a massive class of 30 before he came here. I was told he was average and the teachers didn't know much about his ability. He found it hard to make friendships and was bullied.He hated school.He started Kingswood and has never looked back. The teachers helped him with his friendships because they cared and knew him well. They encouraged him with his work, told him he could do it and gave him confidence. He is now thriving. He is not thriving because the hopscotch is painted, he is thriving because of the individual care he was given. I am grateful for the school thus I don't like hearing people like you try and bring it down with comments when you clearly know nothing about the care shown to children as you have no children that go there!

happydaysholidays Sat 29-Apr-17 21:19:39

I too have had experiences with Kingswood School .I have been called upon to do supply teaching on numerous occasions over the last few years . This little school is amazing such caring staff all the way through each year group, going above and beyond to make sure every child in their care receives the best education possible. I also have a friend who has a child at the school and she is very happy with the teaching her child receives, she tells me he is thriving.Is that not what every parent would like to hear?. Every child matters and they really do here at this little school in Shirley.

bellini14 Sat 08-Jul-17 06:41:33

Kingswood school is a really lovely caring school. It hasn't got the facilities that some of the other local independent schools have but if you want your child to be taught well and treated as an individual in a small school where all teachers and children know each other then it will he perfect. I have a child at Kingswood and couldn't be happier. The size is a huge benefit as well as the kind and caring ethos. The headmaster is fantastic and thinks outside the box! Children are treated as individuals and teachers really seem to care. smile

PhantomII Thu 14-Sep-17 06:49:00

I must say I have to agree with infotruth about kingswood school. In my opinion it is one of the worst private schools in Solihull.

You see I have first hand experience of the sheer failings at this school as both my children used to attend. My children were badly mistreated by certain staff (please note this is documented) and the school did nothing to help as they were more concerned about the schools reputation being tarnished then the welfare of my children. Ultimately both my children are no longer at this school and I can not stress enough that I agree with infotruth especially when you say that the immediate response from the likes of willow139 and co is suspicious. I know first hand that they are simply members of staff that have been instructed by management to post positive reviews.

happydaysholidays Thu 14-Sep-17 12:46:34

Phamtomll not every school suits every the child. Kingswood school is an amazing little place ,from what i know of the school it cares about every pupil it may of not worked out for your children but i am sure it was not for want of trying !!! I hope you have found a school that is more suited for your children and wish them happy times as school life goes so quickly

PhantomII Thu 14-Sep-17 13:48:42

Happydaysholidays- You do not know the truth about kingswood school unless you work at the school🤔. It is not a case of whether the school suited our children. There was serious failings and questionable conduct by several staff members which we have proof of. This is being covered up by lies e.g staff members replying to threads likes this in order to deflect any negative comments (staff members have confirmed that some of these comments are theirs). This is further proof of how much corruption there is in kingswood school. PLEASE BE AWARE THAT WE HAVE PROOF OF OUR ALLEGATIONS SOME OF WHICH WE HAVE NOT DETAILED HERE!!!
My post is simply to warn other parents of our experience, what they chose to do is entirely up to them.
However I would have to question the motives of anyone who feels the need to comment on our experience unless they have more knowledge then what they claim and that they are trying to cover up what happened to our children.

IDK2018 Wed 19-Sep-18 17:16:47

I think the headmaster wrote this message lol!

IDK2018 Wed 19-Sep-18 17:20:27

Phantomll, I am agrre with you. A lots of comments come from the staff. There is nothing that we can do. Let people do their own experience, they will see by themselves as others parents (we are 12) have already done leaving the school next year.

IDK2018 Wed 19-Sep-18 17:22:53

The school has no values.

IDK2018 Wed 19-Sep-18 17:26:26

I don't recommend that school even if they are tree times outsdanting. Run away you will be disappointed as the others after few months in that school. Go and check with eversfield, Rosslyn, Ruckleigh but please avoid Kingswood .

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