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Moving to Stamford and unsure of schools

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user1488011345 Sun 12-Mar-17 09:55:56

We are moving from Scotland due to DH work. He will be working in Peterborough but we don't want to live there. Stamford looks good but as I'm coming from Scotland where education system is different I don't know what factors I should take into account RE DD education. She is 10 in may and although in Scotland she has two more years at primary, I understand she would go to high school after only one more year in school in england. I don't understand "grammar" schools. And
I'm not sure what the good schools in Stamford are re primary and secondary. I also have a DS born Sep 2007. I'd appreciate any info on schools and also "best" locations to rent in order to get into good schools in the area. Thank you in anticipation

TheFairyCaravan Sun 12-Mar-17 09:57:31

User I'm going to PM you.

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