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Winchester and surrounding schools

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relocating2017 Sun 12-Mar-17 01:04:01

Looking for advice on primary schools. We are relocating to Shawford in Winchester and our daugher starts Reception this September. We are having to apply late and all the schools are saying we have no chance of getting a place at our local schools. Nevertheless we need to choose 3 schools. Which ones out of this shortlist should we go for???
Compton C of E Primary - our catchment school so she would be living close to people in her class. Good OFSTED but not the best performance results in the area. Only one day has a breakfast club day. No after school club but there is a local company who collects and looks after til 6pm.

St Faiths C of E - outstanding OFSTED. 5 mins from our house but not catchment. Breakfast club and external after school club.

St Patrick's Catholic - outstanding OFSTED and full wraparound care. I am Roman Catholic but daughter isn't yet as I wanted to wait until she's older. 8 mins from our house, not in catchment but some do attend from our area.

Colden Common - good OFSTED. Wraparound care provided by external provider at community hall.

Otterbourne - only a mile from our house but doesn't feed King's secondary. All the ones above do and we would be in King's catchment, not Thornden

Twyford - I didn't get a warm feeling when I visited this school

Any advice and views would be very welcome!! Thanks in advance

ShesARumUn Sun 12-Mar-17 19:20:30

I live in Winchester itself so have more knowledge of the city schools than those in the surrounding villages. Competition for places at St. Faith's is fierce even if in catchment so I would probably leave that one out if I were you. Similar situation at St. Peter's (the Catholic school) as far as I am aware.

You could always put your DD's name on the waiting list for a school once places have been allocated - there are always those who choose an independent school/move away etc. between applying for a place and starting school in September.

I have heard good things about Colden Common (friend's child goes there) - not sure about Twyford or Compton though. Have you considered Owslebury? It is a small village not far from Shawford/Twyford.

relocating2017 Sun 12-Mar-17 21:18:47

Thank you very much! This is really useful! Really appreciate you taking the time. I shall have a look at Oswlebury. I think she may get allocated Olivers Battery or John Keble in Hursley if Compton is full

ShesARumUn Mon 13-Mar-17 13:18:46

You're welcome! I know how difficult it is to make a choice about schools and it must be that much harder when you are new to an area.

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