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Moving to new area

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badfurday Tue 07-Mar-17 18:08:25

Hello all

I posted on the local boards but posting here for traffic.
Hoping someone with experience can help with my dilemma.

Our house is under offer and we have seen a house we really love. However, there is only one school in the catchment area, which is inadequate following inspection. There are two other schools in the catchment but they are 4 miles away which are "good" but am I mad to consider these?
There are other schools in the area which are oversubscribed and not in catchment, so I assume there is no point in applying.

So, do we move and hope the inadequate school improves? Move and travel 4 miles to the other school, or look for a different property?!
My daughter is 3 next month so from my understanding I have to start applying to schools autumn time? Although I think this might be different depending on authorities.

Any help or advice much appreciated!

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