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Lingfield ND, Copthorne Prep, Reigate St Mary's, Hawthorns, Micklefield

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rainbow4567 Tue 07-Mar-17 13:53:20

Hi can anyone offer any current or recent personal experiences of any of the above. We are looking at moving our children aged four and five from state to private school and we are scheduled to visit them all but would just be interested to hear any feedback. Thanks very much.

DaffodilDarling Sun 12-Mar-17 17:29:44

Copthorne Prep - caring school which tries to help each individual pupil. Take a look at the leavers destinations - they often feed Lingfield Notre Dame.

The Head at LND Senior used to work at Ardingly College. He seems to be trying to make LND more like Ardingly. They now have quite stringent entry requirements for the 6th form, but the grades are still not that great compared to other less selective schools. I don't feel there is much value added. The Junior department is supposed to be good though.

loopygoose Mon 13-Mar-17 21:17:52

Re The Hawthorns I would avoid. Happy to elaborate if you PM me. Where are you based?

Shoponthegreen Tue 14-Mar-17 19:50:49

We put all our children through Lingfield and should have learnt our lessons as things changed. Some very good teachers but Head is not interested in the children, just business. Beware of scholarships and awards as they force you to stay through to the sixth form and demand full repayment if the school is no longer suitable, fails your child or you have to relocate. There are far better options out there.

DaffodilDarling Tue 14-Mar-17 23:15:51

ShopOnTheGreen that sounds terrible! Making people repay Scholarship money if they don't go all through the Senior school??! That is mad!! I've never heard of that before!!

Do you think the not that good results are down to selection at entry?

Was the pastoral side poor generally, or was it just the Head who was crap?

Yatatata Wed 15-Mar-17 07:28:24

Loopy could you PM me too please?

Shoponthegreen Wed 15-Mar-17 07:37:17

The website and PR looks good but don't be taken in. I know of several families that benefitted from awards who have had to pay to get out. The Head prides himself on the hard position he takes and the contract terms imposed. My neighbour's son was withdrawn and they were appalled as to how it was handled as was his new school. The final 2 years of prep used to be very poor and they only prepare them for entry into the senior school.
It is selective but they're now offering BTech in the senior school, I guess to drag in the numbers as it's not a natural offering of the Private Schools.
As I said, there are some excellent teachers but a lot of turn over.
You pay your money you take your choice but you could do better.
Read the small print, don't take a scholarship and 'caveat emptor'
Would we do it again.......NO

Ollyparker Wed 15-Mar-17 09:03:31


My son is at Copthorne Prep, wonderful school. Micklefield and St Mary's is full in most year groups but depends what age you're looking at. LND isn't enjoying a great reputation at the minute. As another poster said it's trying to become more like Ardingly, so much so in fact that after Easter it will be known as Lingfield College.

Will pm you re: Copthorne.

Yatatata Wed 15-Mar-17 09:23:51

Olly could you PM me too?

Sorry to hijack the thread!

Ollyparker Wed 15-Mar-17 10:00:05

Sure Yatatata!! 😊

Shoponthegreen Wed 15-Mar-17 16:34:28

I followed this up after I saw your post. The Head
appointed Bailiffs and the family had to get the police involved to intervene. Totally unwilling to negotiate despite a fair notice and offer. This is not a School run for the children. Beware

DaffodilDarling Wed 15-Mar-17 20:19:39

I'm just so appalled a Head would do that!! Especially in an "it's in the small print" sort of way!!

Shoponthegreen Wed 15-Mar-17 21:00:09

It's only by getting the word out that any change would occur. I would always think it best to make people want to stay not blackmail them. The Governors should feel ashamed.

DaffodilDarling Wed 15-Mar-17 21:09:17


DaffodilDarling Wed 15-Mar-17 21:09:51

Well it will certainly do the rounds in my gossip circle!

MyBeloved Sat 18-Mar-17 14:26:19


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