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Has anyone done this before... (pic included)

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VilootShesCute Thu 02-Mar-17 15:41:04

I would really like to know where to get stones like these to do this with dd. I don't really want to (and I think it's illegal isn't it?!) to get a bag full from beach. Anyone done this before and could you recommend a shop? Many thanks!

PolterGoose Thu 02-Mar-17 15:42:07

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

VilootShesCute Thu 02-Mar-17 15:47:12

Bugger and I went to one today, didn't even think about them. Thanks!

feelingAncient Thu 02-Mar-17 15:49:23

It's illegal to get a bag of stones from the beach!

golfbuggy Fri 03-Mar-17 07:52:53

Craft shops will sell "nicer" pebbles for decorating.

Whatthefreakinwhatnow Fri 03-Mar-17 07:56:12

Some beaches allow it, round here they do anyway. The ones that don't have signs up so you know, but yes Hobbycraft, The Range etc sell bags of them. My friend used painted stones for her wedding tables instead of name cards, go them at the Range

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