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Breakfast and after school clubs

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anushka75 Thu 02-Mar-17 12:43:12

Hello mums out there, I need your help.
My wee one is going to start P1 in August.
It looks like that there will be a waiting list for both clubs .
Please tell me how did you do, what options there are out there for me to make sure he gets a place somehow somewhere close to Bruntsfiled primary .
thank you


prettybird Sat 04-Mar-17 23:10:03

Sorry, I can't help directly but didn't want your post to go unacknowledged.

I'm in Glasgow, so schools were open for breakfast from 8.15 (ds now at secondary and taking himself to school, so don't know what the current offering is).

We were able to get him into After School Club from P1 too.

I think people who can't get into Out of School Care use a combination of childminders and/or grandparents relatives. SIL used/uses her mum (my MIL) for after school care as the out of school club at her local primary never seems to have spaces hmm (Her older ds, now c.20, went through all of primary and never got a space confused). My neighbours use a childminder who does pick ups not all do

Hope you get sorted. smile

Fakenewsday Mon 06-Mar-17 09:55:53

Is this Edinburgh? Might be best to post on the local mumsnet. For my DD's school there are at least 3 different ASC groups, the school one and 2 others but the information can be hard to find!

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