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Educational phycologest appointment at school

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ChellHunt Tue 28-Feb-17 10:41:38

Hi, I am having problems with my 10 year old son and his school.
After suffering abuse from his previous school teachers. My husband and I removed him from there care and applied for another school.
The new school at first was amazing they assessed him and told us he is working at an academic age of a 5 year old. They put in place help strattages, off there own back to help him with his learning. I was so impressed and believed he was finally going to get help with his learning.
There was an inserdent in class where his LSA wasn't presant in class due to illness and he became fustrated and walked out of the classroom without the teacher knowing.
He was Excluded for two days for unsafe behavior. ( they found him in the Libuary). Since then they have removed all help. Took his own table away and put him back on his old table with the rest of the children. He says he can't think straight.
My son's opinion is they don't care about him anymore. He believes his LSA teacher doesn't like him anymore because she doesn't talk nicely to him anymore.
When I try to discuss my issues with the the school I feel like I'm walking in to a brick wall.
We have a EP coming in today to asses him, I'm am all new to this and don't know what to expect.
There is family history of ASD in my husbands side.. Dads mum has Asburgers syndrome and my step-son has been diagnosed with global development delay.
But due to the previous school abusing him I'm worried my son will not get assessed properly.
Anyone have any advice I'd be great full.. thank you

MyschoolMyrules Tue 28-Feb-17 11:24:15

I am not sure if I can help but I think that you should try talking to the school again. And please if you child was abused at school report it to the police. You can't use these words lightly, if he was abused you should report it to the relevant authorities.

BertPuttocks Tue 28-Feb-17 11:56:18

My DS had an EP visit when he was 9yrs old. He already had a diagnosis of ASD but was having difficulties with coping in the classroom.

I don't know if it will be the same for your DS but the assessment involved the EP sitting in a room with DS, asking questions, and generally chatting to him.

The EP carried out IQ testing but was also looking at things like working memory (ability to remember information and keep it in his head long enough to use it). It was all done in a very friendly chatty way, and DS actually enjoyed it!

The EP also spoke to the school SENCO. When the assessment was over, the EP spoke to us (me and the SENCO) about his findings. He was able to give us a good overview of what DS' strengths and weaknesses were, and also discussed which strategies would help him.

A lot will depend on the individual EP but I found it a helpful assessment.

BertPuttocks Tue 28-Feb-17 11:59:00

I would add that the incident you describe wouldn't be something that a child would be excluded for in our primary school. My DS is older now but one of his targets was to recognise when things were getting too much for him and to signal to an adult that he needed to leave.

ChellHunt Tue 28-Feb-17 11:59:54

It was reported and delt with accordingly. I'm now dealing with the results of trusting issues regarding any school/ professionals because when a parent puts there trust in any school to safeguard there child, you don't expect to find your child being treated they way my son was being treated.
My issues are about what to expect when meeting this EP.

ChellHunt Tue 28-Feb-17 12:04:09

Thank you Bert that is very helpful.
He does have problems with rembering things long enough to use sometimes. It depends on what is going on around him at the time. If there is something that distracts him for even a second he will forget what he has been told.
Thank you again. I feel this will have good out comes for my sons Education and learning in class.

FrayedHem Tue 28-Feb-17 15:36:28

An Ed Psych would typically observe in the classroom, ideally also at playtime and do some cognitive assessments if the child will engage. They don't usually diagnose ASD but will say if they suspect a social communication disorder. They may take some history from you (not sure if this is the LA Ed Psych or a private EP) and will probably run through what they have observed with a detailed report to follow.

Astro55 Tue 28-Feb-17 15:41:03

He/She will stand about watching - how he behaves how he interacts - what instructions he follows how the others treat him etc - basically you should already know the outcome as he's your child - I doubt there'll be any new info

He will make recommendations for changes to his environment or referral needed

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