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Primary school choice

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Redpramlady Fri 24-Feb-17 15:43:07

So... I have made the decision for primary school and gone for a two form entry good village school. Main reasons being that I got a good feel for it. Teachers seem great and will share work load etc due to the larger school set up. In the back of my mind is the second option of the small village mixed age outstanding school which isn't too far. I know it very well. They are going through a change of head soon so this made me worry for what lies ahead.

Also to add to this my son is going through assessments for asd. Albeit low levels getting the environment right means everything!

I'm just wondering which school do you feel will have the best support ( this will be minimal as really social interaction is where he struggles) I like the whole family feel of a smaller school but thy don't have such good resources and I'm thinking the support may be better in a larger school? But don't want him feeling lost on a large school!


Wish I had a crystal ball!!!!

PatriciaHolm Fri 24-Feb-17 16:17:50

Small village schools are likely to struggle terribly for funding over the next few years; larger schools will hardly be flush, but are likely to have more flexibility, and the scope to provide support groups, space, etc. Obviously that's a generalisation, but I think in your shoes I would stick with the larger school (and 2 form entry is the norm in many places, wouldn't be regarded as large at all! 4 form entry primaries aren't rare these days)

Redpramlady Fri 24-Feb-17 17:03:10

Very true! Thank you for responding

AChickenCalledKorma Fri 24-Feb-17 17:18:29

Small schools seem great when your child is tiny, but they can struggle with resourcing. A well managed, larger school probably has a better chance of having the right expertise and support in place, particularly if you got a good feel for it when you looked around. If it's properly run, he shouldn't get lost. Two form entry isn't really very big, even though it seems like it when you are used to pre-school environments.

Redpramlady Fri 24-Feb-17 17:36:48

Yes true and thank you for your response! I guess I'm just flapping as I've ha a hard time getting him settled in to preschool however now he couldn't be happier with it!

admission Fri 24-Feb-17 17:42:16

Thinking long term, especially when you say his issue is social interaction, he will need to go to a secondary school which is likely to have a lot more pupils than in any primary school.
My primary school is 2 form entry, 420 pupils and is the biggest school locally. They then go to a secondary school which is more than 1500 pupils. Pastorally the secondary school is really good but it is very obvious when they start in year 7 which have gone to the bigger schools as they tend to have much better inter-personal skills and confidence.
So for me, go to the primary school which is 2 form entry.

omnishamblesssssssssssssss Fri 24-Feb-17 18:08:24

Ring both schools and ask to meet with the senco to ask about provision.

I'd go where there is good provision for children with asd

omnishamblesssssssssssssss Fri 24-Feb-17 18:09:30

Look at their ofsted and website to check for Sen provision

omnishamblesssssssssssssss Fri 24-Feb-17 18:10:57

I think it's most important to have teachers and Senco who have a good grip o asd. School size is less important

SkeletonSkins Fri 24-Feb-17 18:11:10

Also worth remembering that a two form entry school always has the option of moving class if things go a bit wrong.

bojorojo Fri 24-Feb-17 18:33:49

I think the chances of socialising and having friends is greater in the larger school. If he develops an interest in sport, this will be better too. Additionally there are more teachers and I think the variety of expertise is greater in a slightly larger school. I agree that a good SENDCo is important but an inclusive ethos is also vital. Family atmosphere is often valued but I think a 2 form entry school can offer that as well if the right teachers and TAs are in post.

Redpramlady Fri 24-Feb-17 20:24:19

Thank you all really valid points here with reference to transition to senco, transition to secoundary, opportunities resources etc.
Also the friendship thing more opportunities with a bigger group great point.

I wasn't really sure why kind of answer I was looking for really but ladies you have consolidated my thoughts and made me feel more secure with my choice so thank you!!!
Much appreciated 👍

Redpramlady Fri 24-Feb-17 20:25:02

Sorry for the garble! I should read it through before I post!

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