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Advice Needed: Moving from New York to London

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user1487368614 Sat 18-Feb-17 12:51:21

Hi everyone!

My husband, 16 month old daughter and our dog will be relocating (with my husband's employer) to London at the beginning of March 2017. I am a SAHM and my husband will be working near Victoria station. We have short term housing in Chiswick, but are unsure of where we would like to settle long term. We will be renting with a budget up to £4700 pcm. We would like to have 3-4 bedrooms with some private garden space. We are a bit concerned about the state schooling catchment topic - our daughter is young now, but we hope to find a place we can stay for several years and hope to send her to an outstanding state school. Also, being near parks/green space is important to us. We may eventually have a car, but do not plan on driving daily.

Where would you recommend we look long-term? We have been looking (online) in Richmond, Barnes and Twickenham (a bit further from central London than we'd ideally like to be) but have concerns about the aircraft noise. We've also been looking in Chiswick. We are open to living closer to central London as well, but do not think we can get the space that we'd want there with our budget.

Any advice/insight you can provide on these areas or suggestions for other areas to look would be wonderful. Thank you!

Mary21 Sat 18-Feb-17 13:04:59

Richmond , Twickenham area are on the flight path to Heathrow so you will get aircraft noise.They are nice family areas though.
Chiswick will be a great starting place. Again on the flight path but also on the tube which is a bonus.
As you are not desperate for school places now you have the luxury of waiting on this. You apply the January before she will be due to start so you have till then to be in the catchment. I.e. Very close to the school you want. Some outstanding schools are church schools so if you are of a religion and go to church this will help.
When you get here go out exploring every day! Different areas.
What about. Greenwich, Dulwich,Hampstead, Crouch end/ Muswell Hill, Rotherhithe, pimlico.

Mary21 Sat 18-Feb-17 15:37:46

What about this walking distance to hubby's work

user1487368614 Sat 18-Feb-17 15:56:54

Mary21 - Thank you for the info! We are hoping to find a place that we can stay for many years, so we don't have to hassle with moving again (especially as we plan to expand our family and do not want to have the stress of moving on top of that). I will be checking out the areas you mentioned! We did look briefly at Muswell Hill and saw some very lovely houses, but a bit concerned about how far they seem to be from the tube/train...

Mary21 Sat 18-Feb-17 16:51:07

Hi There is a shuttle bus the W7 down to Finsbury Park and the onto the Victoria line to Victoria. It's a while since I lived in that area so don't know how congested it is at the moment

Paninotogo Sat 18-Feb-17 16:54:41

Where do you currently live? Do you want somewhere similar?

D0nnaLyman Sat 18-Feb-17 17:08:05

I'd recommend looking up the victoria line rather than along the district as it's much faster and more reliable. Have you thought about crouch end? Easy commute from harringay/hornsey overground or bus to finsbury park and excellent primary schools. Can get a lovely 4 bed Edwardian for that budget

hopsalong Sat 18-Feb-17 17:08:18

If you're moving from NYC, then you're probably used to not having all that much space (but being able to walk everywhere). I would consider going for somewhere smaller and more central/urban. If I were in your boat, I would look first around High St Ken tube, which will be a very quick (10 min) commute on circle line to Victoria, has lots of outstanding state schools (though some are religious), very good other amenities (a huge Whole Foods!) and a big expat population (my son goes to nursery near here and there are lots of American families). E.g. Phillimore Walk, London You have so many amenities on your doorstep here -- Royal Albert Hall down the road, science and natural history museums, fantastic local public library, loads of restaurants, great transport to airport/ rest of London/ UK etc.

If you want somewhere bigger and with more outdoor space (though London parks are amazing) then maybe try Brackebury village (Hammersmith -- other side of Ravenscourt Park from Chiswick), e.g. Dalling Road, London

Or you could look south of the river in Kennington/ Oval where there is some very nice period housing, and quite a few (not necessarily oversubscribed) 'outstanding' rated state primary schools. Your husband would have a nice shortish bus journey or half an hour walk to work over the river. Methley Street, London

Maybe also look north from Highbury and Islington around Victoria line stations?

D0nnaLyman Sat 18-Feb-17 17:12:04

Or even islington which is a super quick hop to work Canonbury Road, Islington, N1 not sure about the primaries there though.

Mamabear12 Sat 18-Feb-17 20:30:10

Also try the website locrating. It shows u all the schools in whatever area u r looking w their ranking, ofsted report, distance etc. It's great! And w your budget, i am sure u can get a nice 3 bedroom in Kensington, which is not too far out and has good schools

Firefries Sat 18-Feb-17 20:36:06

There's done great ideas here but personally I would go south of London. I've lived in both north and south London and do like both but prefer south London. Just my opinion, I think it's better for families and more green in certain areas. Clapham or Battersea is nice, and not far from Vauxhall on the Victoria line.

JackAubrey Sat 18-Feb-17 20:46:43

I vote South.
Go to Herne Hill/Dulwich. it is 9 minutes on the train from Herne Hill station to Victoria - an astonishingly easy commute. Good state schools (Dulwich infants. Charter.) Good privates too. LOADS of green space, and brilliant for families...Brockwell park, Dulwich park, Dulwich woods.
I've lived West, North, East and South London and know Chiswick v well. Definitely go South.
and you get much more house and garden for your money:
PM me if you like!

Tallulahoola Sat 18-Feb-17 20:51:31

Catchment areas for good schools can be super-tiny, for some you literally have to live no more than two streets away. And deciding on a school before you get here will be very difficult because there are so many factors in play and you won't know yet what type of school will suit your daughter. So I'd research the area and move somewhere you like but you might have to be prepared to move again for schools purposes.

I only know north London and yes, Muswell Hill is useless for commuting purposes. Crouch End is much nicer in my opinion and still has no tube but you could get an overground train/bus to the Victoria Line without too much trouble

Auntpodder Sat 18-Feb-17 20:58:58

I'd second Islington - Highbury & islington is a quick hop on the Victoria Line and there are some good schools, including William Tyndale Islington is a bit Park Slope in feel - bit smug but inclusive. There isn't a huge amount of green space but Highbury Grove is nice. Housing, alas, is expensive...

ShabbieCheek Sat 18-Feb-17 23:04:01

How about looking slightly further out - gerrards cross or beaconsfield have excellent train links to London and good state education (and you will get a garden)

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