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The London Oratory school Junior House

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sairajacob Fri 17-Feb-17 20:21:22

Hi I am new to mumsnet.

Does anyone have (or had) experiemce of the Junior House at the London Oratory?

I know the Junior House is for entry on music but I just wondered how intensive the focus is on music?

Does it dominate the school day to the expense of other subjects or is the level of education other than music excellent with music taught additionally?

Also for Year 3 i.e Junior House they admit 20 students, 10 of which are choristers while the other 10 are non choristers. What is the difference between the two? Is the focus on music and singing less intense for the non choristers?

FrankieCH Sat 18-Feb-17 08:42:42

All my boys went to LOS, starting in Junior House. They were all choristers - which means they sing in the Schola and are required to sing Mass every Saturday night at the Brompton Oratory.
All JH boys start school at 8am. The boys who are not choristers have other musical activities at that time, while Schola boys have rehearsals then sing at assembly in the chapel.
All boys learn at least one instrument and lessons are during the school day, for the most part.
It is a rigorous education and standards are high. Don't even think about applying unless you are prepared to give up every weekend in term time, spend a lot of time collecting your son from various gigs, and cope with lots of homework on top of the musical commitments. The Schola boys go on tour at least once a year - you pay for this.
You must also commit to keeping your son at the school until he is 18.
Our boys received a remarkable education and while it is an odd place in many ways, they made lifelong friends (as did I) and the opportunities it offered will remain with them for the rest of their lives.

sairajacob Sat 18-Feb-17 10:02:17

Thanks a lot for your feedback.
When you say Schola - are they only the choristers? or are all the boys i.e including non choristers called Scholas? Do non choristers also need to attend mass on Saturday night at Brompton Oratory. I guess what we are trying to find out is what are all the differences between the two kinds of admission - choristers and non choristers? is it only what they do differently at 8 am every morning and is everything else the same? or Is the overall focus on musical training in any way less intensive for the non choristers?
Also would you be able to elaborate a bit more on the weekend activities. Is it on both days of the weekend? Is it for an hour or so or does it pretty much take up the whole day on saturday and sunday? What we are trying to find out is will there be time for other activities on the weekend like a football club or other family outings i.e movies, plays etc. (we have an older son who is at a different school)

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