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Any other schools asking for children to give a book to school for book day?

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Millarkie Wed 28-Feb-07 22:13:10

I thought that book day was to encourage the children to's turning out to be a bit of a headace in our household. Last year the children just had to dress up as a character in a book. This year they have to dress up, but also take in 50p for the school, and donate a book.
My ds (5) hates the whole idea of going to school in costume and wouldn't choose a book, so I'm left with trying to persuade him to choose between jeans/top, or one of our normal dressing up costumes (police, firefighter etc) in the morning.

HuwEdwards Wed 28-Feb-07 22:14:33

what a carry-on. No, our school has a book sale all week and pj's/costume on Friday.

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