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Why do parents get annoyed when.....

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GhostOfMumsnet Wed 28-Feb-07 21:58:37

schools say that holidays are being marked as unauthorised absence?

The school can't stop the children going so what difference does a mark on a piece of paper make? The regulations seem to be clear so parents must know what the state of play is. If the parents are happy for the kids to miss education days why the fuss about something that no-one will ever do anything about?

I'm just curious, I'm not trying to stir up an argument. Promise. I've tried to word this so that I don't cause offence.

Skribble Wed 28-Feb-07 22:02:50

Think I agree if you must just accept is goes down as unauthorised and they won't get a perfect attendance certificate.

We have missed a few days with over lapping the holiday due to the days I can get it booked for. We can't go during the summer hols as DH doesn't get time off and I work most weekends, so we go at easter or October so often miss a friday or monday due to limited dates.

I don't expect the school to pat me on the back and say its fine take as many days as you like.

GhostOfMumsnet Wed 28-Feb-07 22:04:10

thanks for that skribble. i thought i was going to have to duck and cover

KTeePee Wed 28-Feb-07 22:18:10

Maybe because different schools apply the rules differently? I have never known any request for holidays to be refused in our school (up to the 10 day allowance anyway), though they always put a comment on asking to try to avoid taking holidays in term-time. As far as I know it goes down as an "authorised" absence if you ask for permission and get it (unless the rules have changed recently - I can't remember the last time any of mine missed a day due to holidays [halo emoticon]!)

GhostOfMumsnet Wed 28-Feb-07 22:22:51

but why is it such a big deal that kids get 100% attendance?

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