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South Nottingham primary schools

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beanhunter Thu 16-Feb-17 08:04:43

We are relocating with our daughter in the summer who will be due to start year 1. She's a july born but Is coping well at a high achieving state primary where will live at the moment (roughly 1/3 of the intake of 90 go into grammars and another 24% to selective independents). She's in top groups for reading and literacy and teachers seem happy with her progress.

So now we are faced with moving areas and not really having a clue what or where to look for. We are happy to chose where to buy based on schools. I'm aware that west bridgford schools are good but incredibly over subscribed and so perhaps that's not a good plan. We've found some nice looking village schools to the south - Orston and archbishop Cranmer - which have the added bonus of being undersubscribed but having good reports and also aware there's potentially a place at Nottingham high. We would prefer state but if it provides certainty for our girl could consider private. Does anyone have any experience of these schools or other suggestions.

Looking within a roughly 30 min commute of qmc and city.

Nottsmove16 Fri 24-Feb-17 13:46:04

Hi- we recently moved - had no clue about the area, looking for reception place for daughter age 4 , within 30'mins of city ( qmc only 1 day a week so less important) . Now settled , all very happy in lovely village and fab school.

PM me if I can help.

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