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Westminster under or kings college

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Dixie2010 Wed 15-Feb-17 15:50:32

Was hoping for some advice. My 7 year son has been offered a place at these two great schools. Heart very clearly says to choose kings as we love the Headmaster, our son loves the school and the location will definitely suit us in the future. However, many people are saying we are making a mistake in this decision, including the teachers at my son's present school. We have an extension in decision time for a few days as we are clearly struggling - one day we think kings is definitely better for us as a family, the next we become convinced that declining Westminster would be unwise. Any advice from people who have previously made the decision either way, or have children at the school presently, would be absolutely great. Thanks so much in advance!

vmag Wed 15-Feb-17 20:17:49

Hi Dixie 2010, What matters most is what will be best suited for your family overall. We had the same dilemma between St Paul's and Westminster Under, but we finally chose WUS over St Paul's as a) closest to our place 2) Even if we have to move house to be more closer our commuting time to work still wont change that much and hence 3) we will spend more time together as a family.
If everything remains the same then choose whatever your son says. He must have been to both schools. He may have developed some liking already. Someone says the children chose their destiny all by themselves!.

I wish you all the best.

tourbillon Wed 15-Feb-17 20:59:03

Please choose the school that has the most suitable location for you. Your son is young and as he grows a closer school gives him more independence more quickly. Both are amazing schools. I had a similar SPS/KCS dilemma last year and chose on basis of location - a year on we are convinced it was the right decision!

wtfdonaldtrump Thu 16-Feb-17 09:06:17

Go with your heart. SPS AND KCS are very similar. WUS is much less similar. A boy who is likely to be very happy at both SPS and KCS might not be happy at WUS, and vice versa. Any bright boy will have the same educational outcome at any of the three. So it should all be about where he will be happiest - friends, commute to school, sport, etc...

Dixie2010 Thu 16-Feb-17 22:50:08

Thanks so much for all of your contributions, it really is appreciated. We had accepted kings and declined the other offers mainly because my son expressed a clear preference for kings. He loved it throughout the admission process esp the Head. However since WUS called us to reconsider our decision, my sons present school has also insisted we reconsider. Hence the issue. My son is somewhat unique mathematically and I value the opinion of his present teachers as they clearly know a lot about children like him, whereas I cannot claim to know what having a brain like his actually means at all! However, notwithstanding what might be right for him mathematically, I feel that there are many other considerations too. And I'm trying to think about all of my son's needs, not just his academic ones. Pastoral care, location, family needs (his sister will need to be schooled too and seems to be very different to him), plus the simple fact that there may be more to life than just numbers for my son in the future! He is still so young and i find it unnerving to pigeon-hole him based purely on what his mathematical ability is presently. However, when I have so many well intentioned advisors telling me to reconsider then it does make me feel bad that I am in some way not prioritising the "right" things, whatever these may be. Unfortunately, I'm still a little confused and my DH and I keep going round in circles about it all. I suppose I want to just feel happy in my decision like I was before this "reconsideration process" started and feel convinced that kings will provide him with the opportunity to diversify his interests, encourage him to socialise and also provide him with the mathematical stimulation that a child like him requires. A tall order I know! Thanks again to you all for being such a wonderful sounding board.

sanam2010 Thu 16-Feb-17 23:14:06

Go with your gut and family circumstances. He is only 7! Maybe WUS has a slight edge in Maths, but at this age, I don't think the difference with KCS will be that huge. If he is destined to be a brilliant mathematician, I am sure KCS will be just fine till 16, you could always reconsider for Sixth Form (or even 13+ already), but why not choose an easier life for at least 6 years if not more. I can hardly believe that his potential would go to waste by attending KCS Junior School until he is older.

Megatherium Sun 19-Feb-17 17:38:37

Definitely go for King's if that is what your son prefers. It's an excellent school and his maths certainly won't suffer plus, as you've correctly identified, maths is not the be-all and end-all. If you're likely to end up living near King's, there is no sensible reason to make your child commute to Westminster every day.

Dixie2010 Mon 20-Feb-17 18:07:21

Thanks to you all for your input, really have appreciated it. We have finally reached a decision, after an agonising week of deliberation! We are going with my son's clear preference and choosing Kings. We are all happier with this choice for numerous reasons and can only hope it works out for the best. Both are such amazing schools and it was incredibly difficult to choose, but we are thankfully there now! Many thanks again to you all.

princessna Tue 21-Feb-17 11:58:06

I personally think you have made the right choice. There was one thing you wrote further up in the chain which I wanted to challenge - However, when I have so many well intentioned advisors - Maybe I am far to cynical, but I do not think that the advisors you have spoken on - WUS and current school may be entirely well meaning. WUS want your son because they want a super bright maths pupil for their own Kudos and results, and current school ... perhaps WUS is seen as more prestigious?
I am happy to accept being out of line, but having been through 7+ twice and spoken to a number of schools and heard people's experiences, I sceptical about everything and take in all with handfuls of salt.

Needmoresleep Tue 21-Feb-17 14:59:01

I am not sure I understand the post above. But would agree with Sanam. If he is really at the top at Kings and feeling under-stretched, Westminster will take him, and though unusual, he won't be the first who has made the jump from Kings for sixth form. There is also a certain amount of movement between the very selective schools for various reasons, so a transfer at another point would not be impossible.

But at seven he should go to the school he feels most comfortable in.

Westminster seems to pick up some very very gifted mathematicians each year, and they seem to thrive, and in particular seem to enjoy each other's company. But it is an urban school and it not necessarily the right place for a young child, especially if it involves a long commute.

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