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Bishops Stortford Primary Schools

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Flora2015 Wed 15-Feb-17 11:42:45

Hi there all,

we are moving to either Bishops Stortford or Saffron Walden for one year from October this year.

Any advice on schools in either area?

Bishops Stortford: Thorn Grove, Windhill or Richard Whittington?

Kind regards,


Flora2015 Wed 15-Feb-17 11:56:23

Or any of the others......

Hatfield Heath Community, St Joseph's Catholic, Furneux Pelham C of E, St Michael's C of E, Manuden, Northgate, Thorley Hill, Little Hallingbury C of E, Little Hadham etc

Cheers, Mike

Hersetta427 Thu 16-Feb-17 08:36:54

Hi. I live in Stortford - will your DC be starting reception or will it be an in year admission. Some of the schools have very small last distance offered measurements so it would unlikely that someone who lived close to thorn grove would get into Richard Wittington for example as they are on different sides of town.

Have hear very good things about Windhill. Half a dozen years ago it had not a good reputation but academy conversion, new head and lots of funds have really turn it around to the point it is now oversubscribed.

Hersetta427 Thu 16-Feb-17 08:41:11

Will regard to the Stortford church schools (as opposed to the village schools) like St Josephs and St Michaels - you would definitely not get a place unless you a practicing catholic / CofE with your application signed by the Vicar etc.

Northgate has a good reputation too but again you need to be quite close to the school to get in. As its only for a year, I would find the house first (there is a current shortage of houses on the market in Stortford) and then worry about schools - we are fortunate that all the Stortford primary schools are very good.

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