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Papplewick School and London Senior Schools

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svevush Sat 11-Feb-17 16:28:08

We have a spot at Papplewick for our DS who is both sporty and bright. We loved the school, its values and all it offers the boys and have no doubts that he would thrive there. We also noted the excellent exit results to senior boarding schools. Does anyone know whether any kids to go from Papplewick to the London day schools (like St Paul's, Westminster) or is it mainly geared towards entry into Eton, Harrow etc? Thanks!

bojorojo Sat 11-Feb-17 18:40:45

I don't know the answer but the destinations of school leavers is the only info to go on, isn't it? It shows the preferences of the parents at the school. If the CE applies to the day schools you want and entrance requirements are not significantly different, I would assume your DS could apply to a London Day school. One would assume Eton boys could have applied to the London day schools had they wished to do so.

My DD went to Godstowe and London Day schools were not chosen by parents there either. I just think the majority want boarding so choose a boarding prep.

svevush Sat 11-Feb-17 20:53:44

Yes, makes sense! Thanks for the response, I guess I was just trying to reassure myself in case he desperately hates boarding (which we hope he won't!).

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