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Any Hall Grove parents?

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Arianrhod Fri 10-Feb-17 15:15:36

Just wondered if there are any Hall Grove parents on here, that I could pick the brains of please?? Twin DSs are due to go there in Jan next year, and I have questions! smile

thanks ...

MaggotStew Sat 11-Feb-17 22:59:42

Ex-HG parent here - ask away!

Arianrhod Tue 14-Feb-17 13:01:51

Fantastic, thanks! Well to be honest, it may be something you may not be able to answer for me, but here goes! My boys are 2, turning 3 in November, and when DP and I visited HG last year, I was advised HG only has an intake in September each year, meaning my boys would be almost 4 before they could start in pre-school Sept 2018. My DD, who goes to Halstead Prep in Woking, was able to start in the January she turned 3, as they have an intake for pre-school (nursery) every term for rising 3s. I feel she benefitted hugely from being able to start school that full year earlier, so I asked the question of HG whether they might consider changing their policy to have an intake each term, rather than just in Sept. They promised they would think about it, and to write the request on my application form, which I did.

Well, I was very pleasantly surprised to be contacted by them last week to say they have decided to adopt the termly intake for pre-school, meaning my boys can now start in Jan 2018. I'm delighted ... except ... that now gives me the huge headache of what on earth do I do with them in the school holidays! Obviously if they stay at their present nursery, then I have no problem, they're covered all year round. Once they turn 4 I have no problems, as they can go to one of many activity camps around (DD has been going to these since she was 4, so I know of ones that I'm happy with). But I have no idea what I can do with them for the 11 months between starting at HG in Jan and them turning 4 in November.

I was lucky with DD in that they had a Holiday Club at her nursery previous to moving to Halstead, and they allowed her to attend that in the Halstead school holidays, but my boys' nursery doesn't have such a facility. Neither DP nor I have family that can help, and we both work full-time, so can't cover the holidays ourselves.

What do other HG parents do who have little ones in pre-school during holidays .. or rather, what do other working HG parents do? Is there a HG parents' forum that I could ask on - I didn't find a Facebook page for HG, so wondered if there's something else somewhere to post questions for other parents? It may not be something other HG parents have had to tackle up till now, as I'm guessing most, if not all, children are 4 before they start at HG, so there isn't an issue.

Holiday worries aside, could you advise, do the boys really wear shorts all year round, even in winter? How do the littlies cope with that?

My other slight worry is, I know it's a very sporty school, which I actually like and I know will suit one of my twins down to the ground, as he's hugely active and loves nothing more than to be throwing or kicking a ball around, even now, or running around madly outside in even silly weather. But my other twin, much as he seems to love running around, isn't showing the same interest in balls etc as his brother, whereas he is already hugely devoted to music (the making of, listening to, and even dancing, bless him). So what happens if my second twin really doesn't like sport, and I've sent him to a highly sporty school? What happens at HG for children who aren't that sporty - or would they just not be sent to HG in the first place? I know, I may be worrying about nothing, they're only 2 after all and it's very early days!, but I just worry, anyway!! smile

Was your child(ren) happy at HG? Is there anything you didn't like, or would have wanted to change? Is there anything you wish you'd known when you first joined HG, that you think would be great advice for a new parent?

Thank you for allowing me to mercilessly pick your brains! smile

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