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user1486638822 Thu 09-Feb-17 11:19:59

Hi friends,

We are looking to relocate from London to Amersham. For now chose Amersham as an option as it is close to London and commuting is easier. Don't have any idea about right locations to buy a home in terms of 'good area' and 'good schools'. Please advice which areas to look to buy in an around Amersham based on commute to London and Primary/Secondary Schools.

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AvonCallingBarksdale Fri 10-Feb-17 19:10:22

Depends on your budget, really. If you look to buy in Chesham Bois, that's much more expensive than Amersham on the Hill. Everyone wants to go to Chestnut Lane infants and then Elangeni, but they're really hard to get into unless you're within about 0.3m usually. Chesham Bois is a primary, but always over subscribed, and St Georges is infants, which feeds into Woodside, both of which have significantly improved in recent years. Presumably you know that it's the 11+ system here? In short, the primaries are all good (there's also Our Lady's catholic school), and obviously some good privates - Beacon for boys, Heatherton for girls. The grammar's are exceptional and the Amersham school also has very good results with a more diverse academic demographic. It's a lovely place to live!

RaspberryBlonde Fri 10-Feb-17 19:17:23

It will also depend whether you want to be within walking distance of the station or not. There are good primary/infant schools in some of the surrounding villages, but you'd be looking at 10 minutes plus drive to the station.

As Avon says above, the real catchment areas are actually smaller than you might think so it's worth a look in the local Bucks website to see whether all catchment children got places in recent years.

bojorojo Fri 10-Feb-17 20:18:50

Do you have children already? If so, you are unlikely to get an in Year place at any of the above schools.

If you want to buy with a view to the future, you could look at the catchment of St Mary's in Old Amersham. Children from Coleshill and Little Missenden feed into this school. Also consider Little Chalfont. Be careful re catchment, another one that is sought after. Great Missenden is another top class village school as is Little Kingshill. Great Missenden has a station. Wendover is popular for relocations too. Again, has a station.

user1486638822 Sun 12-Feb-17 16:55:20

Thank you so much for your prompt replies. I have 2 boys one in year 4 and other in year 2. What are the key things to look for 11plus? I am also thinking for Little Chalfont as an option as it is little more near to London. Another important thing would like to know if our kids doesn't get admission in year then what are the other options? If they continue studying in London they would be eligible for secondary schools in Buckinghamshire depending on we are staying there.
Lastly I must say 'mums' all your help and feedback will really be useful for me to make our decision in moving.


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Jbjb123 Mon 20-Nov-17 22:05:07

Little Chalfont school is great for 11+ results but hard to get into!

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