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Newton Prep

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MrStork Thu 09-Feb-17 09:30:22

We're looking at Newton Prep for our child, for Reception 2017. Would you have any thoughts on the School, it's values, teaching & culture particularly in the Junior years, and a view on likely exits at 7+ or 11+ over the previous 3 years.

AnotherNewt Thu 09-Feb-17 22:25:58

So you're essentially asking what the school is like under Alison Fleming

Certainly better than it was in the last but before she took over. A happier place, and standards remain high.

They donMt prepare form7/8+ exit, but aren't awkward about it, so there are always a few off to Colet Court, WUS, KCSJ or The Dragon.

At 11+ there are always girls to SPGS, JSGS and Alleyns, (scholarships, academic, art and sport, plus London Scholarship to Roedean and places and scholarships to most of the near London day and boarding schools you can think of.

They have produced Queens Scholars and exhibitioners to Westminster, scholars and exhibitioners to KCS and St Paul's, but these are at 13+ (not sure how it's working out now that some secondaries have expanded 11+ joining, but NP definitely supports both 11+ and 13+ exit for both boys and girls.

Fnatastic facililites, too

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