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Bute House prep vs Wimbledon high school

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Crlky Tue 07-Feb-17 21:19:59

Dear all

DD is currently at Wimbledon high school we live in Wimledon . She had got an offer from Bute House prep after the 7+ assessment, we are wondering to take it or not.. Was wondering anyone has done the similar traveling daily like this , and if yes how did it go? Would also appreciate some honest view of Bute House prep from ideally current parents. Many many thx

mumsearchingforanswers Wed 08-Feb-17 09:11:49

Well done! I am curious to hear how you prepared her for the assessment?

ChezBoo12 Sun 12-Feb-17 08:38:36

Hi there have also been offered a place and whilst we are a bus ride away in Shepherds' Bush am also thinking it's quite far considering that they are at a lovely state school 10 mins away. I work so am factoring that in. I know it will be probably worth it but any views from working mums, who have daughters at Bute would be welcome, I hope it is a fantastic as it all seems to be. Seems ridiculous to be now worrying as we never thought we would get in!!

Trumpdespiser Sun 12-Feb-17 10:40:58

Hmm, to the OP where do you want your dd to end up? Would you be happy for her to go all the way through WHS because if so it's a no-brainer to stay on. Wimbledon to Brook Green is NOT a fun commute twice a day. The only point of sending her to Bute is if you are really unhappy with with WHS and determined she end up at SPGS, or one of the other Hammersmith schools - when the commute will continue for the rest of her school days.

ChezBoo, for a 10-minute bus ride I would do it, yes, unless you are really worried about money. If you're considering private secondary, she will undoubtedly get a good grounding.

FWIW, I live between you two in distance to Bute and turned down offers for both my dds, because they were offered another school that was closer (I also preferred the vibe of this school, though fees were less at Bute). Not a decision I have ever regretted, but I'm sure they'd have loved Bute too.

Crlky Sun 12-Feb-17 13:28:47

Hi Op

Well we are ok with Wimbledon high. I was just wondering whether Bute could just be able to offer more than whs.

I am not sure about the secondary school, tbh who knows how they would term out in 4 years time. what I felt is like whs is more focused on girls that are relatively less able at year 3-4, etc... probably purely because it's not a prep school.... but I am not sure whether it's worth it to take Bute.... so difficult

FWIW, I would just take it if you are 10 mins bus ride away!

Trumpdespiser Sun 12-Feb-17 14:52:42

Well, as you know, Bute is highly selective and preps girls for SPGS and gets many, many in. Did you LOVE it when you went round (I didn't but that is just me ...)? Can you devote yourself to that journey for then next four years without going bonkers? What does dd think (I know she's little). Why didn't you try for LEH, which is nearer to you and has the stellar reputation too? Could she move there at 11, if you're not happy with WHS? Personally, I believe your dd will fulfil her innate potential at WHS, you will be spared 11+ woes, you could move her even at sixth form if she needed more stretching or a change then.

tourbillon Sun 12-Feb-17 20:41:22

This is absolutely only worth it if you are dead set on SPGS and prepared to put your DD through that commute for 4 years to achieve it.
Your DD will have a better chance of getting in from Bute as it will prepare her and is known as one of the main feeders.
Do you have other DC to consider when you are doing this long school run? That aside I personally think 11+ is a better time to contemplate it. If SPGS is the right school for her (or G&L etc) then she could move then.

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