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Non Fiction Reading Books

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kelsuprise Tue 07-Feb-17 21:01:25

Just after a bit of advice please. My DS is 6 and in Year 1. He loves reading at home and is on ORT level 6 (orange book band). He bloody HATES Biff, ChIp and sodding Kipper and has to be cajoled to read the books that he gets sent home. He reads other books voraciously at home, mostly non-fiction, but also little chapter books. I asked his teacher if he could bring home non-fiction books that are still covering the vocabulary he is required to do, but she said he 'has to read the fiction books as otherwise he won't develop story writing skills' Is this a load of crap as he's losing his enthusiasm for reading being made to read Biff Chip and Kipper!!! sad

Coconut0il Tue 07-Feb-17 21:46:39

Can't imagine biff and chip ever increased anyone's story writing skillsconfused

Maybe they don't have any, maybe she was taking the easy way out, who knows. Personally I think it's important to read a range of fiction/ non-fiction/ poetry/ comics... basically anything that your DS is interested in.

Read 1/2 pages of his ort book then read his choice. Record it all in his reading diary.

mrz Wed 08-Feb-17 06:39:48

Try National Geographic. Rapid Readers have a non fiction and a story in the same book and some of the Project X books are non fiction(Building Wembley, the water cycle, Rubbish etc)

Feenie Wed 08-Feb-17 07:43:49

Floppy's Phonics has a non-fiction strand where Biff, Chip and Kipper do not feature at all. Big Cat also do decodable non-fiction.

BlueChampagne Wed 08-Feb-17 15:53:31

You could try going to the library and letting him pick some books he likes the look of to try reading, and record it all in his reading diary. Any reading is better than no reading. Story-telling skills can also come from bed-time stories you read to him.

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