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Outdoor play, 4+

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DotingDaddyPig Sun 05-Feb-17 10:19:43

My DD turns 4 in May'17. I'm looking for ideas around outdoor activity or sports for this Spring/Summer. Please would you suggest any activities that you've found enjoyable for your children. Our home's in SW8.

Mary21 Sun 05-Feb-17 13:55:42

This always looks good
Hampton outdoor pool is nice and is heated. In the summer they run their TNT club which I believe is from 4 years old. They are open all year round.
My kids used to like crazy golf and pitch and putt.
Cycle round Battersea park?
A lot of areas have young kids tennis and kiwi cricket
Are you looking for holiday clubs, whole family activities, after school sports

Mary21 Sun 05-Feb-17 13:56:25

That should read Kwik cricket!

PleasantPhesant Sun 05-Feb-17 14:03:08

Rock pooling
Pond dipping
Make a bird house/mini beasts home
Make bird food
Go on a treasure hunt-do a list with little pictures she can carry and mark off once found-duck/red flower/yellow flower/pine cone etc
Collect fallen leaves (nice shaped/colour ones) and make a lantern out of them with white baking paper

PleasantPhesant Sun 05-Feb-17 14:07:59

Sorry-just noticed you said sw8...make the most of any green spaces nearby or a bus ride away.
Any free museums? They're quite interactive for kids at most now.
Get yourself a flask, take sandwiches and have fun.
Parks and play areas are great too. Take a scooter, have a play, picnic, treasure hunt etc.

DotingDaddyPig Sun 05-Feb-17 20:15:32

Thanks so v much - these are lovely suggestions PleasantPhesant and Mary21, especially wild-learning & treasure hunt. I am able to plan most of the above activities, and SW8 is also so well connected by train! My child's school is terribly bookish, and I'm not sure that provides a balanced education for my child.
I believe sports, fitness & outdoors should be v important for my child. I wanted to create for her many weekends full of sports & the outdoors. Thanks again.

PleasantPhesant Mon 06-Feb-17 08:45:51

Swimming pool is also good-there's usually kids playtime there.
Have you thought about a regular class for her? Maybe swimming, dance, football?

Mine like to collect things on a walk like sticks, leaves, petals, seeds, feathers etc and make a mini collage.
Pond dipping/rock pooling is a favourite too.

There's loads of kids nature books too if you wanted to show here what's out there and learn a bit about nature...why we don't pick flowers, why we don't stand on mushrooms, the seasons etc
We make the most of any outdoor space as it's free and it gives our dc a chance to run around. I find mine eat and sleep better after being out for a few hours too.

There may be some events coming up for valentines, Mother's Day and Easter near you? Crafty things, egg hunts, make a card for your mum/grandma etc.
Look up your local library/sure start centre/park they should have info there.

Plant some seeds/bulbs/fruit/veg outside or even inside with some.
The rspb website has some great ideas for making homes for nature too.

Have fun!!

DotingDaddyPig Tue 07-Feb-17 20:43:44

PheasantPleasant, Thanks again! Would you recommend any books on nature that I could read & follow up with a train ride to escape SW8 for a possible half day's country walk. As a next step maybe we'll plant seeds in a pot.
My child attends a weekday football & group swimming lesson, that's not too demanding. For variety, are there other good exercises for children aged 4, that could lead on to individual sports such as tennis, squash or badminton?

PleasantPhesant Wed 08-Feb-17 09:26:03

Not sure about the other sports as mine just like football and riding bikes/scooters.

We have some rspb books for dc which are only small. Ones for the beach. One for birds. One for mini beasts. One for pond life etc. Just gives an over view really. We've had a couple of factual books from the library where we've read on bugs/birds but can't think of the titles off the top of my head I'm afraid.

Our dc go to a forest school so we're lucky in the sense that a lot of what they do is outdoor orientated and they pick up a lot from there.
But I've always taken them out and got them looking for individual things and telling them little things about them....cuckoo spit for example isn't cuckoo spit it's larvae. Hogweed is dangerous. Looking for nests/feathers. Nettles and brambles hurt if you touch them. Collecting nice leaves and make a snake out of them. Collect pine cones and feathers and play noughts and crosses in the grass with them. Looking for small insects on plants and doing a quick google to find out what they are-really simple stuff like that-and they just pick it up. If you show an interest and keep it fun and simple I've found they get more enjoyment out of it.

Hopefully someone else can point you in the right direction of sports-natures more my thing! Have fun!

storynanny Wed 08-Feb-17 09:35:04

Geocaching is fun to do with an adult, we took our 4 year old grandson regularly to find local ones.

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