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Need costume help: "Rock Star" - by Friday

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LunarSea Mon 26-Feb-07 21:37:46

Found out today that ds has to go to school dressed as a "rock star" - this Friday. So I have 3 days (when I'm working) to sort out a costume. Any ideas anyone?

schneebly Mon 26-Feb-07 21:38:30

how old is he?

Califrau Mon 26-Feb-07 21:39:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Megglevache Mon 26-Feb-07 21:39:48

Message withdrawn

Kbear Mon 26-Feb-07 21:39:57

ah, dontcha just love it! I am going to start a bloody petition about dressing up as stuff when you're at school and your parents work/haven't a clue where to start/both. Ban it I say!

Anyway, combats, scruffy jacket, scruffy hair, shades = Liam Gallagher!

3pinter Mon 26-Feb-07 21:40:31

how about using face paints to paint a large lightning zig zag on his face so he can go as david bowie?

Katymac Mon 26-Feb-07 21:41:07

Bright c;othes & very large sun glasses - Elton John?

Girl very 70's/80's a nolan sister?

Aloha Mon 26-Feb-07 21:41:14

WHY???? I'd just say no, frankly. Ds wouldn't care.

Aloha Mon 26-Feb-07 21:42:33

You have to draw the line somewhere and this is just crap, it really is. What is the educational point of it? What next? Clown day? Headlous day? Dress up as a piece of fruit day? (probably someone somewhere rubbing their hands at these)

Megglevache Mon 26-Feb-07 21:43:59

Message withdrawn

3pinter Mon 26-Feb-07 21:44:02

or you could dress him in grey (or greens/browns if you have those colours at home, to represent moss), smudge some brown makeup on his face for 'dirt', mess his hair up and send him in as a 'rock' star, (as in a real rock). I clearly have too much time on my hands............

Kbear Mon 26-Feb-07 21:45:38

Oooh, ooh, Robbie in his "Let me Entertain You" costume - that'll make em think twice next year. It'll be back to an Easter Bonnet parade in no time.

LunarSea Mon 26-Feb-07 21:46:23

He's 5. As for accessories we've got, um, sunglasses and a half size acoustic guitar, but that's about all!

3pinter Mon 26-Feb-07 21:47:15

AS a primary school teacher (reception) i agree, making children dress up in these kinds of themed outfits is a pain in the bum. They don't really know what they are doing. Much better they are allowed to come in their own clothes, inclduing fancy dress if they wish, rather than fancy dress being a requirement. At my school, one member of staff planned a xmas show for the children to be put on by the staff. she chose a 70's theme, we all had top dress up in 70's gear and mime and dance to abba. Why? the children didn't get it, they were only born 5 years ago! (although they did know lots of words to the songs!)

Aloha Mon 26-Feb-07 21:48:02

So why does it keep happening? (though, not, so far, in ds's school - hooray!)

3pinter Mon 26-Feb-07 21:48:06

sunglasses and a guitar says john lennon to me

princesscc Mon 26-Feb-07 21:50:05

Still smug! We're not doing it this year! Hey you - run out of lemon cake, got any more?

3pinter Mon 26-Feb-07 21:50:32

I think the people who get to choose these themes (head of year/deparetment/deputy heads - rarely your common garden teacher) think it will be fun for the children, and it creates the impression that the children are getting to do something different. Usually it ties in with a themed week such as book week - come as your favurite character, art week - come as your favourite painter (how many primary children know who their favourite painter is?) music week - come as an instrument - impossible! I was always glad that we didn't have to dress up.

Kbear Mon 26-Feb-07 21:52:46

Yes but not sharing.

Not really, we ate it ALL

Your ungrateful godson has told me he wants to go as a ghost on Friday now (apparently there is one in one of the Jill Murphy books) so I have told him he is an ungrateful little sod and will be forced to wear elephant ears round the shops on Saturday as his punishment.

Tortington Mon 26-Feb-07 21:53:41

shirt with collar up. hair gelled into quif


princesscc Mon 26-Feb-07 21:58:05

Oh how we love little boys and their opinions - can't think where he's got that from

LunarSea Mon 26-Feb-07 21:58:42

Our best suggestion here so far is old jeans, old t shirt - jut a few holes in them, add safety pins, spray his hair red (spray left over from Red Nose Day) and he can go as a punk. Not sure it would go down too well though!

mummylin2495 Mon 26-Feb-07 22:09:11

get a white t-shirt and draw arrows on it .then could be elvis and jailhouse rock ,dead easy !

Califrau Mon 26-Feb-07 22:26:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Califrau Mon 26-Feb-07 22:28:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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