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school reports - how accurate are yours? do you get "targets" dcs can already do? does it annoy you?

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hatwoman Mon 26-Feb-07 20:38:39

for a couple of years now I have tolerated my school not really getting a handle on dd1.(age 6, year 2) - I'm not sure she's ever been given a "target" she can't already do. I haven;t made a fuss about it because she's been happy. but she was really upset by her recent report. she's in the top group for numeracy and literacy (which I know doesn't necc mean she should have a glowing report) but it's such a bland boring report - it barely gives her any praise or positive encouragment at all. it says she needs to join in more (she claims vehemently that she's always putting her hand up and getting ignored - which may or may not be true) and gives her numeracy targets that she can do standing on her head.

I'm going to ask if I can talk to the teacher but wondered if others have similar experiences? Is it reasonable to expect something a bit more positive? And to expect the teacher to exhibit a better knowledge of her - even if she is a little introverted.

by way of contrast dd2's report is about twice as long - is clearly written by a teacher who knows her and the targets are much more sensible. I'm not sure if this is a better teacher who gets to know her pupils or because dd2 is more extroverted and gets yourself more well known, iyswim.

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